Saturday, October 23, 2010

PS. Cafe On Ann Siang Hill

On 19th October, I chanced upon the new PS. Cafe on Ann Siang Hill Park (ASH Park for short) on its first day of operation. I completely forgot about the invitation I received to its pre-opening dining experience. Would have been nice to have visited it earlier. Anyway, I was really impressed with its interior design, which is in similar theme to the branch at Palais Renaissance.

Entrance to PS. Cafe
I prefer to enter via Club Street, by walking up the flight of stairs not far from Scarlet Hotel.

The bar on the ground level
Old school black leather padded bar, dark wood rims, with glass shelves filled with bottles of alcohol delights.

Dining hall on the second level
There's a certain posh factor to the ambience, with attention paid to the details. When you are dining there, do look up and check out the white ceiling made with metal plates embossed with floral motifs. Amazing. They also built frames for the air-conditioning units.

I love the table setting. Simple, clean but stylish.

Yummy cakes on display in majestic cake stands. Sweet temptations!

PS. Cesar with rosemary Dijon chicken
My friends ordered this dish and didn't really touch the chicken as it was not yummy. Usually the case for a newly opened resto.

The original Laksa leaf pesto
This is one of my favourite pasta with a local twist... long bean sambal, coriander leaf and chilli! Pretty good, except the fact they added shrimps instead of more fish cakes. I guess they ran out of fish cakes and had to substitute it with prawns. Disappointed that they did not follow the original recipe. Since it was the first day of operation, I will not hold it against them. :)

Truffle shoestring fries
Excellent and consistent! A must-have. A word of advice, share it with your friends as the serving is huge.

This PS. Cafe also serves grill. Meat eaters rejoice!

Will I visit it again? Yes! Maybe after 2 weeks. Always good to give new restaurants some time to sort out teething issues. The bar on level three looks promising. Do check out the rooftop area, which is currently serving as a smokers' area.

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