Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Perrier-Jouet & The Art Of Paper Frescoes

If like me, you had the chance to see the latest ad campaign from Perrier-Jouet, I bet you must be captivated by it. The campaign featured paper frescoes by celebrated paper artist Jo Lynn Alcorn, who has worked for luxury brands such as Dior and Marc Jacobs. Her exquisite three-dimensional paper collages formed the backdrop for the lovely cuvees of Perrier-Jouet, to be photographed by New York-based Japanese photographer Kanji Ishii, who has shot campaigns for Chanel, Cartier, Harry Winston and Chaumet.

Perrier-Jouet is possibly the first champagne house to collaborate with artists and one of the very first and best example being the Japanese anemones motif by Art Deco artist Emile Gallé that adorned the beautiful Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque bottle. The most recent collaboration prior to this was the Bi-Centenaire by Daniel Arsham, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the champagne house.

Here's a step by step look at how the paper frescoes were created...

Everything starts with a scale drawing of the fresco, down to the finest detail.

Based on the initial drawing, the artist cuts out all the pieces.

They are classified by category: flowers, leaves, fruit, etc.

Those that consist of several pieces are assembled.

Emile Gallé's famous anemones come to life.

Iconic Perrier-Jouët symbol... its doorway in Epernay.

When Jo Lynn Alcorn finally has all parts of the fresco...

...the slow, subtle composition begins.

And the final touch, turning every fresco into an exquisite backdrop for the Perrier-Jouet ad campaign.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cooling Off Day - Must See!

What does it mean to be a Singaporean? What are your views with regards to the political scene in Singapore? What do you think of the General Election last year? These were the questions I ask myself after watching Cooling Off Day, a W!ld Rice production.

Covering a wide social and political spectrum, the play by Alfian Sa'at is based on the transcripts of his real life interviews with various Singaporeans, from taxi drivers to teachers, bloggers to civil servants. Heck! Even sex workers from Geylang! No kidding!

The talented cast comprising Jo Kukathas, Janice Koh, Neo Swee Lin, Rodney Oliverio, Peter Sau, and Najib Soiman took on multiple roles each to represent the different voices of the everyday Singaporeans. As vibrant as the last General Election, the play is funny, honest, realistic but delivered with a sense of humour.

The next General Election is five years away and I am not even sure if I get the chance to vote (River Valley where I live is part of the Tanjong Pagar district which was a walk-over in the election last year), but the play certainly got me thinking about the importance of my right to vote, what I want from my government, and how I would like to do my part to shape my nation.

It doesn't matter if you are pro PAP or Opposition, this is one play that will unite Singaporeans as one nation. You might get a chance to vote again, but you might not get a chance to watch Cooling Off Day again if you miss it. It is showing now till 11 March at SOTA Drama Theatre.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mary Katrantzou x Topshop

When it comes to fashion, the biggest anticipation for me after the Versace for H&M collaboration would have to be the Mary Katrantzou for Topshop capsule collection. Athens-born Mary Katrantzou is one of the hottest designers at the moment and this Central Saint Martin's graduate counts Anna Dello Russo, Alexa Chung and Kira Knightley as her A-list fans. Impressive!

Mary's trademark vibrant and opulent prints, as well as intricate detailing and structures, including her signature porcelain bowl-inspired skirted dresses will be featured in the 10-piece capsule collection for Topshop. Pieces from her main collection cost an upward of thousands of dollars each. However, with the Topshop collaboration, it will be more accessible, but it's still ain't gonna be cheap.

The collection was launched in London on 17 February and it was an immediate hit. I can't wait for the Singapore launch on 10 March. Here's a sneak peek. I will try to get my hands on them and post a follow-up review.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Bespoke Gaggenau Event

Gaggenau has up the ante when it comes to its events. Known as the purveyor of the dream kitchen for home cooks and chefs alike, it hosted a bespoke luncheon at Tippling Club earlier today to announce its exciting collaborations with Zwiesel Kristallglas, Gryphon Tea Company, and FIJI Water.

Why Tippling Club? Well, not only is Chef Ryan Clift the ambassador for Gaggenau, he also worked with Gryphon Tea Company to create a bespoke tea blend exclusively for Gaggenau. Not to mention his uber creativity also made him the natural choice for this special tea pairing luncheon.

The Black Forest Tea is not for sale and is only available exclusively at the Gaggenau Experience Center at Bishan St 21. If you are keen to sample, why not make an appointment to visit the amazing interactive kitchen and sample the bespoke tea too. :)

The menu for today centers around tea, as Gryphon Tea Company is working closely with Chef Ryan Clift.

We were treated to not one, but three amazing amuse bouche. On the white Schott Zwiesel plate is tea compressed peach with iberico ham, on the black slate is charred peppers with yuzu tea dipping sauce.

In the Jenaer Glas egg coddler is the tea smoked quail egg. Love the presentation and the smoky taste of the egg. Egg coddler is a great way to present some appetiser dishes.

Before the start of the main meal, Tian Wee from Gryphon Tea Company gave a little talk about why it is better to brew tea using FIJI water. He cited the softness of the artisanal water is what makes the tea more palatable. Indeed, I have to attest to that as the tea did taste more velvety in texture.

1st Course - Oolong cured ocean trout
Apple, fennel and tea sorbet

2nd Course - The Future of Japan's tea ceremony
Scallops, seaweed (sealed in dissolving paper) , dashi broth.

Chef Ryan Clift interprets the future of the Japanese tea ceremony with this creative dish. If you are wondering what is this beautiful looking bowl, it is the double-walled hot'n cool range from Jenaer Glas. The special design with the insulating effect keeps cold food fresh for longer, and hot food pleasantly warm – without it burning your fingers.

Check out the elegant Jenaer Glas tea cups, Schott Zwiesel and Zwiesel 1872 wine glasses. Sarah Mayo from The Local Nose also came by to share with us the importance of stemware with wines. Instead of a wine tasting, we did a glass tasting using different stemware but one type of wine. It's really amazing to find out that the same wine can taste so different in different glasses.

A Sangria-inspired cocktail to match our next course. It was also presented in a Jenaer Glas hot'n cool glass.

3rd Course - Black Russian Wagyu beef
Black bean sago and sea grass

4th Course - Earl Grey chocolate coulant

What a divine tasting mess once it was broken. I love how the milk tea worked so well with chocolate.

We ended the bespoke lunch with handmade tea infused chocolates.

What an inspiring lunch I had. Tea pairing is the next big thing and is great for those who don't take alcohol. I also took home some presentation ideas, along with the knowledge of the importance of pairing appropriate stemware and wines. Thank you Gaggenau!

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Toni&Guy @ River Valley

In my last entry, I spoke of how my neighbourhood is getting cooler with the Les Amis group opening a Pepperoni and a Bistro Du Vin at Zion Road. It reminded me to also share with you that there's now a Toni & Guy hair salon in River Valley too.

Located on River Valley Road, next to VideoEzy and along the famous food stretch that houses eateries such as Spize Cafe and Boon Tiong Kee. How cool is that?

Chic, minimal and unpretentious interior design is just the way I like it.

Toni & Guy is famed for its team of professional stylists and technicians who are highly creative and skilled. I personally think the colour technicians are one of the most knowledgeable ones around.

I was there yesterday for my hair colour touch up and treatment when they told me they are looking for models to participate in the upcoming Wella Trend Vision Competition. Hence, I told them I will help them spread the word.

For you ladies out there, if you are above 1.60m and below 30 years old, and you fancy having a hair makeover by the Toni & Guy directors and technicians, why not contact them and go for the casting on 20th February, Monday, at 7pm.

For more information, please contact Toni & Guy at +65 6736 2533 or email