Saturday, May 26, 2012

About A Girl - Victoria

In 2008, the former Posh Spice launched her eponymous label. The skeptics were silenced after the preview of the SS09 collection, of which had retailers clamoured to carry. The dresses sold not on her famous name, but by virtue of the cut and fit. Now in its 8th collection, her main line is an established one.

However, this blog entry is neither about her nor her first line. I am crazy for the younger and relaxed sister to the main line - Victoria, Victoria Beckham. SS12 is the first collection and it enjoyed a 100 percent sell-through on Net-A-Porter even before it was available for sale.

I managed to get my hands on 3 dresses (pics below) and I absolutely love them. Not to mention the amount of compliments I received every time I wear them. The diffusion line has a girly charm and its relaxed cut is a far cry from the bodycon silhouette of the main line.

Planning ahead of the fashion trend line, check out the AW12 collection. Here's my pick of the dresses that I hope to get this fall.

*I absolutely want this!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Starbucks in Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Last year, I share with you the most unique Starbucks in the world, located on Duddell Street in Hong Kong. In March this year, Starbucks opened another unique concept store.

Located across in Kowloon is the latest Starbucks concept store in Mong Kok. Once a shady district known for its notorious triads and the famous Ladies’ Night Market, it has since cleaned up its act. Although also in collaboration with G.O.D., Starbucks on Sai Yee Street is completely different from the one on Duddell Street.

With its focus on local culture, arts and movies, this two-storey 6,000 square feet Starbucks store is decorated with photos of local people taken on the streets showing their day-to-day stories, old movie posters and contemporary art that reflects the living heritage of old Hong Kong. Movie plays a crucial role in the local culture and is the essential element for Sai Yee Street’s Starbucks. It houses a mini theatre and offers regular seminars (free of charge to the public) by the Hong Kong Film Archive as a platform for cultural exchange.

P.S.: Singapore Starbucks and Tourism Board, when is our turn to get our own unique Starbucks?

89-91 Sai Yee Street, 1F-2F Wai Kee House, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

+852 2789 8710

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tin Lung Heen @ Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

A visit to Hong Kong is not complete without a meal of dim sum, for it is the birthplace of this well-loved cuisine. For dim sum with the best view, it will have to be at the tallest hotel in the world - the Ritz-Carlton.

Tin Lung Heen, the one Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurant is the proud jewel of the hotel. Famous for its dim sum selection, especially the char siew made with Iberian pork that is a must-try.

A simple flower arrangement but one of the most elegant I have seen in a Chinese restaurant.

Minced beef balls with Chinese herbs in chicken stock - HK$58

The famous char siew Iberian pork - HK$218

Shrimp dumpling - HK$58

Siew Mai - HK$58

Baked abalone and roasted goose puffs - HK$88

Braised Chinese vegetables in chicken stock HK$160

Black glutinous rice with diced abalone, pork, shrimp and Chinese mushroom wrapped in lotus leaf - HK$58

Double-boiled egg custard pudding with bird's nest - HK$88

The dim sum selection is so huge that I couldn't manage to try all the dishes. As much as I love Singapore, Hong Kong beats Singapore hands down when it come to dim sum. I will definitely visit it again the next time I am in Hong Kong. Do give it a try if you can. I promise you won't regret it.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Tosca at Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

Named after one of the best-loved operas of all time, Tosca at Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong offers Southern Italian cuisine in a dramatically stylish backdrop.

It is located on level 102, at the highest hotel in the world and its view of the Hong Kong skyline is breathtaking.

The interior design is as dramatic and theatrical as a grand opera house.

The open kitchen design and high ceiling complete the unique and spectacular dining experience.

Helming the restaurant is Chef Vittorio Lucariello

Here's a look at what we ate at Tosca. We opted for a special set menu with wine pairing so we could savour the signature dishes.

Amuse Bouche - Scallop with cheese foam and teacup of mango puree

1st course - Cannolo with raw scampi, Tropea onion, Sicilian oregano and egg bottarga.

2nd course - Paccheri with tomato puree, spicy capocollo and Sardina percorino cheese foam.

3rd course - Maine lobster with lemon broth and spinach napoleon

4th course - Stone baked lamb with tamarind potatoes, sweet and sour baby onion.

Dessert - Pineapple with hazelnut crunch, mango gelato and coconut sauce.

Prices start at HK$120-320 for starters, HK$210-480 for pastas, HK$380-480 for mains, HK$90 for desserts and HK$190 for cheese platter.

I have never claimed to be a food critic and my blog entries on dining are simply a pictorial version of my gastronomic experiences. For a meal to be truly extraordinary is when it leaves a memory on my palate. The pasta dish with the cheese foam was magical; the Maine lobster with the spinach served in 2 ways - sauteed and deep fried, offered great texture. The succulent stone baked lamb melted in my mouth like a slab of butter on a hot pan.

My verdict of Tosca is that I will definitely recommend it to my friends. I will also return to try the other dishes.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

OZONE - The Highest Bar In The World

It doesn't take a genius to figure out why this bar/club is named as such. Located on the top floor of Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong at 118th floor, OZONE is the highest bar in the world (for now). I have been to many bars all around the world and I am seldom impressed these days, but OZONE did make me let out a little gasp of wow.

Some skeptics might say it is the altitude that gives it the heightened advantage, that the amazing view is what draws the crowd. Yes, the unparalleled view will definitely draw the tourist crowd, just like all the other similar bars such as Sirocco and Vertigo in Bangkok, Ku De Ta and 1-Altitude in Singapore. However, it is the winning combination of design, service, drinks and food offerings that makes me give this bar the perfect 10.

Here's a tour of the OZONE...

The passage leading to the entrance of OZONE. It sets the tone of what to expect.

The main bar on the right

Guests at the main bar could have proper conversations without having to shout

The sushi bar on the left section, after the DJ Booth. I have never come across a bar with its own sushi bar till now.

Indoor section next to the alfresco area. This is for those who want to have tapas while seated at proper dining tables. The kitchen is located here and it is rare for a bar to have its own in-house kitchen. As I was just having a quick drink before dinner, I didn't want to fill myself up with tapas. I will definitely try out the tapas the next time I am back.

The outdoor bar that is like an observatory deck. Located right at the end of the bar is the VIP section with the best view. One can reserve the area for a minimum spend of HK$18,000 - $21,000 (approximately S$3,000), not too bad considering it can accommodate 10 people or so.

We got to enjoy our pre-dinner cocktails at the VIP area, thanks to the service team at OZONE. Having flexibility is what makes good service excellent. The service staff knew that we would only spend 30 minutes at the bar as we have a dinner reservation at 9pm, so they hosted us at the VIP area knowing that we will be out before the group who reserved the table arrives for drinks.

Laurent had a mojito

I had a Lychee Royale (Lychee juice with champagne)

If you are ever in Hong Kong, do check out OZONE. You won't be disappointed.

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