Friday, May 18, 2012

Tosca at Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

Named after one of the best-loved operas of all time, Tosca at Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong offers Southern Italian cuisine in a dramatically stylish backdrop.

It is located on level 102, at the highest hotel in the world and its view of the Hong Kong skyline is breathtaking.

The interior design is as dramatic and theatrical as a grand opera house.

The open kitchen design and high ceiling complete the unique and spectacular dining experience.

Helming the restaurant is Chef Vittorio Lucariello

Here's a look at what we ate at Tosca. We opted for a special set menu with wine pairing so we could savour the signature dishes.

Amuse Bouche - Scallop with cheese foam and teacup of mango puree

1st course - Cannolo with raw scampi, Tropea onion, Sicilian oregano and egg bottarga.

2nd course - Paccheri with tomato puree, spicy capocollo and Sardina percorino cheese foam.

3rd course - Maine lobster with lemon broth and spinach napoleon

4th course - Stone baked lamb with tamarind potatoes, sweet and sour baby onion.

Dessert - Pineapple with hazelnut crunch, mango gelato and coconut sauce.

Prices start at HK$120-320 for starters, HK$210-480 for pastas, HK$380-480 for mains, HK$90 for desserts and HK$190 for cheese platter.

I have never claimed to be a food critic and my blog entries on dining are simply a pictorial version of my gastronomic experiences. For a meal to be truly extraordinary is when it leaves a memory on my palate. The pasta dish with the cheese foam was magical; the Maine lobster with the spinach served in 2 ways - sauteed and deep fried, offered great texture. The succulent stone baked lamb melted in my mouth like a slab of butter on a hot pan.

My verdict of Tosca is that I will definitely recommend it to my friends. I will also return to try the other dishes.

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