Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gap x Pierre Hardy = GSS Best Buy

The Great Singapore Sale (officially a.k.a GSS) has started on 28th May. This is usually the period that I avoid going anywhere near Orchard Road. However, my lust for a pair of Pierre Hardy for GAP Design Editions made me braved the mad Sunday crowd. My love for shoes knows no bounds.

As modeled by Tavi on her blog "Style Rookie" dated 6th May 2010

Most magazines reported that this amazing pair of floral-tie wedges will be available from June at the Gap stores. Nevermind the odds, my belief in the law of attraction has always gotten me what I wanted. As I walked in to the Gap store at Wisma Atria, I found the wedges high up on some shelves in the most unnoticeable corner! Ding ding ding! Law of attraction worked again!

Check out these beautiful nude leather wedges with floral fabric ties that are perfect for this summer. For some strange reasons, these wedges are on sale! From S$165 down to S$118! There are still some pairs left when I was in Gap this afternoon... so hurry down if you want a pair too.

There are also two other designs by Pierre Hardy available in Singapore - a denim wedge and a flat nude leather and denim sandal versions.

A little info about the collaboration between Gap and Pierre Hardy. It all started with the inaugural collection in February 2008, which consisted of six styles, including peep-toe wooden wedges and gladiator-style sandals. Pierre Hardy is one of the most talented international accessories designers, whose career began with Christian Dior’s footwear collection in the early 90s, before launching his own label in 1999, adding men’s shoes and handbags a few seasons later.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rising Star Of Australia

Since 2007, Australia has a new star at its fashion week. Dion Lee, an emerging Sydney-based designer has been showing to standing ovations. This young designer (in his early twenties), a graduate of Fashion Design Studio, Sydney Institute of Technology, has won several awards and managed to secure some stellar stockists.

I first wrote about Lee in my "Girl About Town" column for InSing last year. He is one designer I am checking out and will be investing in. I was told that Inhabit The Other Store will be stocking his collection, but I checked last week and was told the stocks are not in yet. He might be lesser known for now but I feel it won’t be long before he receives international acclaim (mark my words). Perhaps Nicole Kidman or Kylie Minogue should support their fellow countryman. Nicole to wear it to the Oscar and Kylie for her next music video.

His designs are primarily about innovative cut and functional detailing. For Autumn/Winter 10 collection (which is our Spring Summer 10 since Australia is on alternate season from international fashion cycle), his clothes can be described as sci-fi meets origami, with cut-outs at the elbows and the back, as well as statement-making structured shoulder details. Think Fifth Element the movie, and you will get a good picture. I would personally describe the collection as juxtaposition of Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Balmain and Gucci… all in a good way.

For his Spring Summer 2010/11 collection (which is our Autumn Winter 2010), Lee displays that he is a jack of all cuts and a master in all styles as well. Check out the following runway looks that are my favourites (by favourite, I mean I want to buy them all).

Lee's tailoring style reminded me of Helmut Lang and Jil Sander when the designers were still in charge of their namesake labels. The cut is bold with strong clean lines, and has an air of quiet intellectual feel. The strategic cut-outs also reminded me of what Frida Giannini is doing for Gucci.

Judging from these pictures, Lee's draping is comparable to Christopher Bailey's work for Burberry Prorsum, as well as Queen of drapes, Sophia Kokosalaki. Grecian has been given a modern update to bring out the goddesses in all of us.

When it comes to prints, Lee's clever use of Rorschach blots makes him a genius. These mesmerising prints are contemporary with a macabre feel - in an Alexander McQueen kinda way.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Have You Met Darcel?

Move over SATC. There's something more interesting and it's DATC. Darcel and the city! Who is Darcel? He is an egg-shaped cyclops character who lives in New York. If I have to use a song to describe what Darcel is about, it would be "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter. Darcel is an illustrative blog documenting someone being caught in everyday real life situations in New York (but also relevant to all city dwellers)... sometimes unfortunate ones such as missing the train by a split second or being caught in the rain. Darcel is a animated and assuring way of looking at someone experiencing a miserable day and knowing you are not the only one.

The man behind Darcel is New York based illustrator Craig Redman, of Rinzen art collaboration. I love his blog as he kept his words to a minimum and let his drawings do the talking. This is similar to my philosophy and concept for Style Canvas. I am like a curator of the cyberspace and I present to you my interesting finds. More pics, less words.

Craig is a genius and I am not the only one who think so. Colette Paris has been collaborating with him for years and just did a solo exhibition for him that is ending tomorrow.

Keeping words to a minimum, I leave you with this story about Darcel at the recent launch event for the new Louis Vuitton boutique in London. It was an historic occasion, given that Vuitton’s first international boutique was opened in the city in 1885. Enjoy!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shrek-tacular Nail Colours From OPI

I bumped into a friend and her teenage daughter when I went to watch "Shrek Forever After" last week. The first thing she said to me was "What are you doing watching Shrek? You don't have a kid". I replied instantly "I am the kid here!" The movie was entertaining and funny. The script was well written to target both kids and adults. I think adults got reminded with the key message to not take things for granted... as sometimes you don't realise what you have until you lost it...

I honestly didn't see this one coming. This collaboration between OPI Nail Lacquer and Shrek is just brilliant! The tongue-in-cheek names are ri-donkey-lously funny and definitely won't be a cat-tastrophe.

With six Shrek-tacular colours, express your inner ogre with these limited ogre-the-top bright shades inspired by the Dreamworks' Shrek Forever After. So, who the Shrek do you think you are? I'll go with "What's The Cattitude" and "Ogre-The-Top Blue". I wonder if they sell these shades in Singapore...

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not Just A Walk In The Park

When you are in Austria, not only can you take a walk in the park, you can also sleep in the park safely! Check out DasParkHotel.

Designed from the outset by Andreas Strauss, dasparkhotel is a unique concept, conceived and implemented primarily as a hospitality tool. Located at the Rodlpark in Ottensheim, it offers a great location with the creek Rodl running into the Danube literally in front of the hotel.

Constructed from repurposed, incredibly robust drain pipes, the rooms are warm in winter and cool in summer. It is like a cave and beats a normal camping tent. These utilitarian pipes need little maintenance to make them habitable and a coat of varnish is all that is necessary for refurbishing. How's that for eco-friendly architecture?

Each room comes with a double bed, light, power point, blanket and a cotton sleeping bag. Best part of all, there's internet access! The hotel do not have its own dedicated toilets and showers, but toilets and showers are available from existing public infrastructure within walking distance.

The tubes have also had wall paintings by the Austrian artist Thomas Latzel Ochoa. Not too shabby at all! It feels just like a trendy boutique hotel.

Security is top class here. These 2m x 2.5m cement tubes weigh 9.5 tonne each. You need a crane to remove them.

Upon booking you will receive a code to allow entry to your personal suite.

So, what is the price per night for this unusual hotel? Well, it's up to you. Yes, you read correctly. It costs just as much as you can afford or want to pay. Just leave a Euro amount that you can afford to support the project.

For the OCDs out there (I have an obsessive compulsive disorder towards cleaniless), I watched on a tv program where the management said they change the linens after each guest's stay. The hotel may be very affordable, but the sanitation standards are in place. Kudos to that!

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