Friday, May 21, 2010

The Other Deyn

We all know Agyness Deyn. Now meet Emily Deyn, cool artist and sister of the British supermodel.

UNIQLO recently announced the collaboration with British-born supermodel and fashion icon Agyness Deyn and her sister; Emily Deyn, owner of the Hussaindeyn brand. This limited edition collection takes inspiration from the punk era, using retro Polaroid photos. The exclusive Agyness and Emily Deyn UT women’s collection features tunics, tank-top and t-shirts... available in all UNIQLO stores in the UK. (I have checked with my media friends in Singapore and they did not receive any news from UNIQLO Singapore about this collection yet... so buy it if you happen to be in the UK.)

The collection features prints made from pictures taken by Agyness and Emily of their favourite activities in New York. I am personally not a big fan of slogan and printed tees... so these are not my cuppa tea. However, I still think the tongue-in-cheek designs are rather quirky.

Emily designed her first T-shirt with best mate Aliyah Hussain last year – a tee featuring the Queen, spawned by nostalgia and patriotism when Emily was interning in New York. When Aggy wore it backstage at the Anna Sui show (Emily had given it to her as a birthday present), the design received international acclaim - even the designer’s kids wanted one. It led to worldwide attention for Emily and Alia’s designs, and another range of tees and vests for the charity MAG (Mines Advisory Group). So when UNIQLO approached Agyness about designing a T-shirt collection, the supermodel recommended her little sister for the job.

I love the Queen tank and tee. I want one!

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