Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let It Rain With Burberry

"I'm only happy when it rains...." Remember the song by Garbage? I for one, love it when it rains. There's a certain romance associated to rain (at least to me) and Burberry totally captured it with with the April Showers campaign.

London is my favourite city and I could (and would) totally live there again. Despite what most say about the rain and the depressing grey weather, I actually enjoyed my days in London. When it rains, I will wear my trench coat and carry a brolly... singing a tune in my head "I'm singing in the rain... just singing in the rain". It sounds cliche but it makes me happy as it will bring back happy childhood memories of me playing in the rain. Sometimes as adults, we get so stressed at work that we forget to have fun in life.

We have no real seasons in Singapore, but what we have is rain. So, when it rains, I am not one who complains as I could dress the part and have some fun. The street is a canvas and you are the artist. Dress up, have fun, and be a piece of wearable art to bring some beauty to our streets.

The weather may be grey but your dressing doesn't have to be. Bring on the rainbow palette... the Burberry way!

Official Site : (check out the video of the April Shower campaign!)

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