Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm All Ready To "Carrie" On - SATC 2 Special

It has been two long years since SATC the movie. I remember my excitement when the movie was launched. I even watched it three times in one week and bought the DVD when it was out. SATC 2 is finally going to be out this coming week. I managed to get two tickets for 24th May at Golden Village Marina Square. For once, I am not going to be a movie snob. No Gold Class, no problem. Anything for SATC girls... I am ready to "Carrie" on the adventures with the four ladies.

I got my SATC 2 movie date for 24th May. Now the question is what do I wear? To get some inspirations, I went to watch the movie trailer and looked at some pictures online. Here are some of my favourite looks...

Perhaps a white dress like SJP's Haltson Heritage. SJP is now the creative director of this label. This dress is already sold out on Net-a-porter!

Who would have thought J'Adore Dior would be resurrected? Love the way she teamed it with the Zac Posen skirt.

Perhaps a tuxe? Carrie is going to change the way women dress for black tie events. Here she wears a tuxe from Christian Dior.

A simple off-shoulder striped tee from Zara... Looking chic doesn't have to cost a bomb.

I am loving this Balmain tee. Should be able to find some inspired-looking pieces at Zara soon...

Loving the glam safari look. Chunky necklace and neutral colour scheme.

Lawrence of Arabia is a major influence in the movie. The girls looking hot in Abu Dhabi with the flowy dresses, turbans, hats... most importantly, colours!

The eye candies.... who's your man?

Mr Big is so yesterday... not my type anymore.

Welcome back Aidan. Looking better than before!

Max Ryan who plays Rikard, a Dutch architect who caught Samantha's eyes.
I like! Hello stranger! *My Choice*

Model Noah Mills plays Samatha's wedding fling. I think my gay friends will like him.

I am counting down to Monday with much excitement! I have also decided what to wear for my SATC 2 movie. I will be wearing this silky flowy dress (the light grey version with the colourful neckline... not this hot pink one) from alldressedup.

And for shoes... perhaps a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti. I am sure Carrie Bradshaw will approve, since she wears GZ too. :)

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