Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cake Boss Means Business

Buddy Valastro a.k.a Cake Boss, is one of my "buddies" on TV. To clarify, "buddies" refers to the specific and limited TV programs that I watch. As you know, I like all things creative and artistic, and Cake Boss is top of my "to watch" list.

Buddy is an accomplished fourth generation baker in a traditional Italian family. He grew up in Hoboken, New Jersey, and showed a flair for cake decorating at an young age. His father died suddenly when he was only 17, and being the only son, he had to take over the bakery business. With the help of his family, he has taken Carlo's Bakery to new heights and even having his own tv show!

If I ever go to New Jersey, I would definitely check out Carlo's Bake Shop. Buddy is a genius. He is an artist of edible art. I admire his passion, dedication and talent. I hope I get the chance to meet him in person someday.

Check out the following cakes... they are some of my favourites...

Some businessmen who play cards at a local social club requested a cake as a surprise for "The Boss". The cake had a real, spinning roulette wheel!

Carol-Lynn Parente & Rosemarie Truglio from Sesame Workshop requested a cake for a party for the cast and crew to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street. The entire Carlo's team was excited to make a cake for Sesame Street. The show has been on for 40 years and everyone watched it growing up. The attention to detail on this cake was precise.

The American Museum of Natural History requested a cake for the opening of their "Extreme Mammals" exhibit. This cake looked so much like the real Indricotherium! Buddy called it one of the best cakes he's ever done.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden requested a cake for a book signing at the garden by author Amy Stewart for her new book, "Wicked Plants." The edible sugar flowers that Buddy adorned the cake with are all somewhat poisonous in real life. He wanted to keep to the "Wicked Plants" theme.

Anthony and Christine DiAmbrosio requested a cake for their twin sons' birthday party at FAO Schwarz. FAO Schwarz is one of the largest and most famous toy stores on earth.

The Metro Athletics Dragon Boat Team (MAD) requested a cake for a kick-off party for their 2009 racing season. Check out the intricate details. I wouldn't bear to eat the cake!

Luis Salas, a regular bakery client, requested a cake for his annual birthday party. Buddy had never made a cake that spit fire but he made it happen, without burning up the cake!

This cake was four feet tall and had to lean without actually falling over. Buddy created an inner support system out of PVC pipe and cake boards, which allowed the cake to lean without falling over.

Official Sites :tlc.discovery.com/tv/cake-boss/cake-boss.html and www.carlosbakery.com

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