Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In The Mood For Chanel Aoyama

In celebration of its first year anniversary, Chanel Aoyama did a special collaboration with Vogue Nippon. Titled "In the Mood", it is a special edition of make-up comprising two colours - black and gold.

With stunning photography, Vogue Nippon style no less, I am thoroughly inspired and attempted the same makeup look yesterday. Unfortunately, the range is available exclusively at Chanel Aoyama, the first Chanel cosmetics and skincare stand-alone boutique. However, the colour scheme is not one that is unattainable.

Black lined wing tips with solid gold shading... I'm sure it will be such a hit this season. I can see Gwen Stefani wearing this look.

The French manicure has been given a new twist with gold tips on black and vice versa. The picture reminds me that I should start using my Chanel tattoo. They actually look kinda cool and not tacky looking at all.

This picture simply takes my breath away. I want to look like this. This is what I call a successful ad campaign. When you desire to look like the subject... and you start buying the products in hope to be. Wicked!

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