Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Evolution Of STYLE

What is STYLE? Yes, it is one of the top fashion magazines in Singapore... but really, what does style mean to you? In a sartorial term, it is a mode of fashion, usually good or approved fashion (according to the fashion mags and cool "in" crowd). To me, style is my individual expression using clothes as an artistic medium.

I was looking for a book in my study when I saw copies of STYLE magazines sitting on one of the shelves. I will keep copies of magazines that I have been featured in so I could have "blast from the past" moments when I look at them. It is kinda funny for me to see how my style has evolved over the years. Also all the fashion faux pas I have committed in the past.

This is the most recent feature I appeared for the April 2010 issue of STYLE. For this feature, I had to try a style that is not my usual style. This boho look is definitely not me (I am more of a rock chic person) as I hardly wear prints or long flowy dresses. However, the stylist (Lirong) did a great job at sourcing the outfit. The Mango dress looked like it was from Etro. The scarf turned out well as a head band. However, I won't go near those earrings again as they were so heavy. Guess what? I bought lots of floral printed dresses over the past few weeks in preparation for my Roman holiday. Sometimes it is good to try something out of my comfort zone...

This feature was for STYLE December 2008. I was still doing the "Victoria Beckham" sleek sharp shocking style. Would I wear this style again? No. I don't think I would wear a jacket with nothing underneath. These days, I prefer to show my style through edgy outfits instead of baring my cleavage. When I looked back on some of the outfits I have worn, I really don't know what I was thinking? It was like when Victoria Beckham was still a WAG.

For the first time, I was a contributor for STYLE. Check out my red hair and short crop. OMG! What was I thinking? Would I dye my hair red again? No. Short crop again? Highly unlikely. Accessories addict? Yes, I still am one.

This was for STYLE December 2005. One of my favourite pictures as it truly embodied my style back in 2005! Hat, La Perla bustier, GUESS jeans. I still wear and buy hats all the time. In fact, I bought two hats this week. Not sure about the midriff baring part. Don't think I will bare my midriff again. The trend died for me when I entered the 30s age bracket. Definitely don't wanna be a mutton dressed as lamb. Best leave it to the teenagers!

This was for STYLE January 2005. Nothing much had changed from the feature above. I was wearing a hat, sexy GUESS top and jeans. These days, I wear my hats with casual dresses or outfits on weekends... or smart tops with well cut trousers for smart casual events. More grown up glamour I guess.

There are more features in other magazines but this entry is dedicated to STYLE. I really like the magazine (an unpretentious publication dedicated to style and shopping) and the editorial team. I will continue reading it and evolving my own style accordingly.

On a last note, having your own style is better than not having a style. Who are we to judge others? Fashion is subjective and there's no right or wrong. So go on, enjoy fashion as it should be fun and experimental!

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