Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Tale Of Forbidden Fruit In Tokyo

Tokyo is one of my favourite cities. It is also a city that has the ability to bankrupt me every time I visit. If you are in Tokyo, you have to check out Bedrock (enter at your own financial risk). I think it is the most stylish boutique in the world and is in a league of its own (forget Colette or Corso Como).

Where is it? Head down to Omotesando Hills. Look out for a "Forbidden Fruit" cafe on the street level. The cafe serves good snacks and drinks, but the real secret lies in the spiral staircase at the back of the cafe. Be prepared to be Alice in a fashion wonderland...

Like a secret passage way, the dungeon-like staircase brings you to an underworld untouched by sunlight. Gothic luxe decor at its best... I was ready to part with all the yen in my wallet.

This is the cashier counter. Can it be any more sci-fi? It was as if I ventured onto the set of Blade Runner.

OMFG! The beauty that greeted me were too much for my eyes to behold. Who would have thought such a splendid retail display could exist at the basement of a cafe?

Check out the unique greenhouse display. It must have been a visionary who came up with this display concept.

Enough of the interior design. What you should really buy at this store are the cool t-shirts. They ain't cheap at about almost S$200 a pop but the designs and quality make of the t-shirts make it worth your every yen. The house labels "If Six Was Nine", "Forbidden Fruit" and "LBD" are being retailed alongside international brands like Rick Owens, Nicolas Kirkwood and Giuseppe Zanotti.

Here's one of the many t-shirts I bought. The coolest thing is that the brand name is not sewn on a label or printed on the t-shirt... only a strip of black leather is being sewn as the label. It is like a secret code for the peeps in the know...

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