Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Edgy Alternative Bling

The old adage "money can't buy you style" is something I believe in. It's true that money can buy you all the bling, but having a style that is unique and individual is priceless. Recently, I chanced upon several jewellery pieces that are edgy and unique... and the best part is they won't break the bank.

First up is Leslie Shershow, a Boston-based designer. Leslie earned her degree in metals from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. She has also studied at the Studio Arts Center International in Florence, Italy, and at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Maine. She currently teaches metalsmithing classes at the Brookline Arts Center in Boston.

Her 'antler necklace' caught my eye and had me contemplating about purchasing. Part of the 'Alaska' series, this range is inspired by Alaska, also known as "the last frontier" where human exploitation of nature is becoming worrying. The Alaska series is an installation of scenes and souvenirs that illustrate stories and explorations of human conquering... with hunting as an evident theme.

The gold-plated rifle pendant and the double rifle brooch cast in bronze and oxidized silver for a black finish are the perfect ammunitions to add an edge to any outfit.

For the key piece of the collection, this necklace titled "last frontier" is the ultimate trophy accessory (not to mention it was featured in Elle USA). Cast in bronze, then studded with cubic zirconium in sterling silver settings, with brass banner and gold plated chain.

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Up next is Pamela Love, whom I totally heart! Born and based in New York, her jewellery is macabre creativity at its very best. Take your pick from talons, claws, skulls and daggers. If you find them familiar, it is because you might have seen them on TV series True Blood and the movie 'Where The Wild Things Are'... not to mention the countless international magazines.

The daughter of an orthopedic surgeon and the granddaughter of a dentist, Love's bizarre childhood fixations with bones and teeth are evident in her designs. Her interests in forensic science and nature translated into an eponymous jewellery line that is both contemporary and rock-and-roll.

Johnny Depp wearing the eagle claw pendant on chain for Italian Vogue.
Elle UK raved about Pamela Love being stocked at Liberty's.

Official site:

I recently purchased my very first Daisy Knights. Based in London, Knights began selling her designs whilst studying at Central Saint Martin. In June 2009, she opened her own studio where she creates super stylish handmade pieces for the fashion savvy crowd. This Spring, Net-A-Porter introduced her edgy pieces to the rest of the world.
This is the adjustable sterling silver feather bracelet that I bought from Net-A-Porter. It is handmade from recycled precious metal, making it a feel-good fashion purchase. To me, feather signifies freedom and serves as a reminder for me to always be carefree and true to myself.

Gold-vermeil skull range... the necklaces can be worn layered to create a drape effect and the rings can be worn stacked to create a striking look.

Oxidised silver feather range...

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