Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Am A REISS Taker

REISS is not a fashion label you might know, unless you have lived or traveled to the UK. If I could bring in one label to Singapore, I am willing to take the REISS (I mean risk). It can now be found in France, China, Hong Kong, and the UAE. So why oh why is it not in Singapore? (Is some retailer out here listening?)

I will always pop in to REISS to pick up some pieces when I am in London. Last year, REISS launched its alternative label REISS 1971 (a demin range but also offers edgy casual stuff). I saw the ad campaign and it compelled me to check it out.

I happened to be in London the day they launched the inaugural collection and I snagged myself some cool pieces. So what did I get? A monochrome military-inspired vest, some studded t-shirts and a pair of studded ballet flats (which I have sadly misplaced and not even worn yet).

I was admiring the Spring 2010 collection online last month... but to my dismay, there's no online shop. Major devastation. Perhaps I could plan a trip to Hong Kong to try my luck, or simply hope that the London trip in June this year will materialise.

Below are my favourite pieces from REISS 1971 Spring 2010 collection.

For the main REISS main collection Sping 2010, here are my picks.

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