Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lady Jenkell And Her Lucite Bonbons

When I was a little girl, I used to stick the sweet wrappers of the candies I had tasted in a little notebook... just like some grown men who collect wine or cigar labels. At times, I hated the sweets but simply loved the wrapper designs. It was my little simple pleasure in life and my collection brought a smile to my face each time I looked at the brightly coloured sweet wrappers. Perhaps that could be the reason why I am so drawn to the works of Laurence Jenkell.

You might not know her name but you most likely have seen her work of giant candy wrappers. I admire her for being a self-taught artist (she enrolled herself in adult courses to study the various art techniques) and for that, she's an inspiration to me. She began her career as a figurative painter, then evolving into an abstract painter before finding candy as her subject of choice. Using different disciplines such as sculptures and paintings, she has brought candies to a whole new pop art level with a cult following. However, it was her departure from painting to sculpture that has brought her fame on an international level.

Jenkell’s work is inspired by influences in fashion, media and film with an attempt to make a statement on our modern consumerist society. Fascinated by the alchemy of sugar and the bright colours used to wrap the candies, her work is a combination of colours and texture that has developed into a signature style of captivating beautiful sculptures.

Here's the artist at work. She will be in Singapore on 20th May for a private event at Opera Gallery. I am looking forward to the event and meeting her in person.

Inspired by fashion and consumerism, Jenkell created the following bonbons...

These are perfect for the kids...

For myself, I am eyeing these two... (P.S. Lolo, do you have some spare change for me to buy a candy?)

The "National Flags" collection... here are some of my favourites...

Official Site : www.jenkell.com
Official Gallery : Opera Gallery www.operagallery.com

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