Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not Just A Walk In The Park

When you are in Austria, not only can you take a walk in the park, you can also sleep in the park safely! Check out DasParkHotel.

Designed from the outset by Andreas Strauss, dasparkhotel is a unique concept, conceived and implemented primarily as a hospitality tool. Located at the Rodlpark in Ottensheim, it offers a great location with the creek Rodl running into the Danube literally in front of the hotel.

Constructed from repurposed, incredibly robust drain pipes, the rooms are warm in winter and cool in summer. It is like a cave and beats a normal camping tent. These utilitarian pipes need little maintenance to make them habitable and a coat of varnish is all that is necessary for refurbishing. How's that for eco-friendly architecture?

Each room comes with a double bed, light, power point, blanket and a cotton sleeping bag. Best part of all, there's internet access! The hotel do not have its own dedicated toilets and showers, but toilets and showers are available from existing public infrastructure within walking distance.

The tubes have also had wall paintings by the Austrian artist Thomas Latzel Ochoa. Not too shabby at all! It feels just like a trendy boutique hotel.

Security is top class here. These 2m x 2.5m cement tubes weigh 9.5 tonne each. You need a crane to remove them.

Upon booking you will receive a code to allow entry to your personal suite.

So, what is the price per night for this unusual hotel? Well, it's up to you. Yes, you read correctly. It costs just as much as you can afford or want to pay. Just leave a Euro amount that you can afford to support the project.

For the OCDs out there (I have an obsessive compulsive disorder towards cleaniless), I watched on a tv program where the management said they change the linens after each guest's stay. The hotel may be very affordable, but the sanitation standards are in place. Kudos to that!

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