Friday, May 14, 2010

Paradis Found

For those of us old enough to remember, Vanessa Paradis is well known as the "Chanel Bird" in the television commercial for Coco by Chanel. (Here's the link to watch the video on youtube: For the general crowd, most will know her as the beautiful French wife of Johnny Depp. This lucky lady is also a muse for Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel and is considered one of France's "national treasure".

Paradis in the Coco ad

In the latest issue of Madame Figaro, Karl Lagerfeld shot a series of beautiful photos with Paradis as the silver screen siren. Lagerfeld also starred in a few of the pics. Paradis was beautiful as a young girl then, and even more beautiful as a woman now. It's amazing how some women look better as they age! There's hope for us all!

Feast your eyes on these stunning images. I realise I am drawn to photography that has a cinematic theme. I love the bob hairstyle that Paradis had in the shoot. She wears red lips well. I would not even attempt this look as I will just look like Ronald McDonald. Red lips and I just don't go well together.

From a photography point of view, I love the treatment of the images. Capturing the scenes behind the scene, it "transported" me onto a movie set. It was as if I was the director of a film starring Paradis and Lagerfeld. (P.S. Lagerfeld, you are a genius).

I love the retro shades... and do I see Chanel tweed jacket?

I would kill for to have cheekbones like hers...

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