Saturday, May 15, 2010

REE-Juvenated With Cirque Du Soleil

has been making big waves in the U.S. but it is still kinda quiet on our shores. It recently got 41-year-old supermodel Helena Christensen to pose in her birthday suit for its EasyTone shoes campaign. If only wearing a pair of sneakers can get me a body like Christensen's... I will buy 10 pairs of these! *Major envy... better get my ass off the couch and do some exercising!

These EasyTones shoes are invented by Bill McInnis, ex-Nasa engineer and current chief of the Reebok Advanced Innovation department. Thanks to a system of balancing capsules inserted in the sole, the shoes are able to create a natural unsteadiness at every step and the attempt to correct it forces the muscles to work to regain balance.

Helena is also promoting JUKARI Fit to Flex, the second innovation that Reebok created with Cirque Du Soleil. JUKARI comes from a Sicilian word meaning “to play” and the whole point is to make working out more fun. It is a dynamic workout that is inspired by the acrobatics of Cirque du Soleil, to bring fitness to life and create a visual spectacle of strong shapes and flowing movements. JUKARI Fit to Flex have been launched first in Montreal, Canada, the home of Cirque du Soleil. It will then rollout in gyms in the USA and Europe from April, and in Asia and Latin America later this year. I hope it will come to Singapore!

For those like me who harbour hopes of joining the circus (especially after watching a Cirque show), this is the closest you can get. The last time I tried something like this was at trapeze school at Club Med Bali. JUKARI Fit to Fly is the first collaboration between Cirque Du Soleil and Reebok. It takes its inspiration from trapeze and aerial acts. The result is a group workout that tones your body while having fun.

However, I don't recall seeing this being launched in Singapore. Any idea, anyone? It seems like loads of fun!

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  1. You were right, the latest post was well worth a look. :-)

    - SJX

  2. @SJX - Check out the latest one about Tom Ford. :P