Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Les Amis, Mon Ami

I had such a glorious and sumptuous lunch with my French "brother" at Les Amis yesterday. "Brother" as we are not related by birth, but by fate. It has been a while since we visited Les Amis (pun intended as they are our friends too). Timothy Goh, Restaurant Manager and Chef Sommelier, always make us feel special when we dine there. The service is immaculate and I can boldly proclaim that it is one of the best in Singapore. It is definitely two, if not three star Michelin-worthy in my eyes.

Restaurant Manager/Chef Sommelier Timothy Goh and Chef Armin Leitgeb

We always seem to be seated at this table

Now, let's look at the food. Set lunch at Les Amis is really value for money. If you are a Haute Foodie (new term coined by URBAN), you are in for a treat. S$60 for 3 courses, S$80 for 4 courses... with additional S$10-S$15 if you choose certain premium dishes. So, after much deliberation, we made our choices for the day.

Appetiser for him - Marinated White German Asparagus
(The most beautiful presentation of white asparagus I have seen so far . Eat them while they are still in season.)

Appetiser for me - Pan fried Foie Gras
(I am so going to die of heart attack. My 3rd foie gras in less than 5 days.)

Bonus Appetiser for us - Grilled Prawn with linguine
(Chef Leitgeb was worried that we were eating too little, so he prepared this for us. Sweet!)

Main for us - Broiled Sayori with grape tomatoes, roasted almond flakes and vinaigrette
(The first time I am having this Japanese fish. It looks like a mini swordfish. )

Dessert for me - Crispy Apple Pear Strudel
(Not your usual boring apple strudel! The little dots of salted caramel were amazing.)

Dessert for him - Strawberry Yuzu Tiramisu
(This is such a unique creation. Light and refreshing, very different from the usual tiramisu.)
TO DIE FOR!!! I'm craving it now...

The range of Zwiesel 1872 "The First" crystal glasses
We had 5 glasses of wines each. Such decadence for a Tuesday afternoon...

Writing this post makes me hungry. I think I have to go back to Les Amis in a week or two. Let me know if you are keen to join me!

P.S. I took the food pics using my Blackberry Bold. So if they are not professional looking, do pardon me. :)

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