Monday, May 17, 2010


Absolut Vodka is perhaps the only alcohol brand to have its own books (not one but two) dedicated to its ad campaigns over the years. It might not be the best vodka (in terms of taste) but it is absolutely the vodka brand with the best ad campaigns, running since 1981.

As Goran Lundquist, president of Absolut, says about the Absolut sensation, "the consumers drink the ads as much as they drink the vodka."

I have been fascinated with Absolut ads since I was a child. In 1996, I bought The Absolut Book for GBP19.95 (the yellowed old price tag is still intact and is worth a mention for nostalgia). I was also one of those who tore out Absolut ads from magazines to stick on my walls at home and offices, as they provided a source of inspiration.

After a decade, Absolut Sequel was launched in 2005. For some reasons unexplained, I did not rush out to buy the book. I should go check it out at Kinokuniya this week.

The most recent ad campaign starred Kate Beckinsale (3 out of 4 ads) and Zooey Deschanel (strangely only 1 ad). Photographed by the famous Ellen Von Unwerth, the campaign steered away from the bottle design and towards the drink experience... with the tag line "Every Drink Is An Exceptional Experience". Clever concept but it doesn't make me rush out to buy bottles and bottles of Absolut. However, it does make me want to look at the ad images again and again.... and perhaps have them as my wallpaper on my MacBook.

When I see this ad, it reminds me of Target.

This is clear cut easy. The Attack of the 50 ft Woman.

With all the vampire craze, this could also be inspired by Beckinsale's role in The Underworld.

When I saw this, I thought of The Jetsons. A very 60s take on what the future looks like.

So what's next for Absolut? Well, if anyone is listening there, please do a ad campaign for us women! In women's Absolut world, it is about shoes! So Absolut, how about Absolut Louboutin, Absolut Zanotti and Absolut Choo?

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