Monday, May 14, 2012

OZONE - The Highest Bar In The World

It doesn't take a genius to figure out why this bar/club is named as such. Located on the top floor of Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong at 118th floor, OZONE is the highest bar in the world (for now). I have been to many bars all around the world and I am seldom impressed these days, but OZONE did make me let out a little gasp of wow.

Some skeptics might say it is the altitude that gives it the heightened advantage, that the amazing view is what draws the crowd. Yes, the unparalleled view will definitely draw the tourist crowd, just like all the other similar bars such as Sirocco and Vertigo in Bangkok, Ku De Ta and 1-Altitude in Singapore. However, it is the winning combination of design, service, drinks and food offerings that makes me give this bar the perfect 10.

Here's a tour of the OZONE...

The passage leading to the entrance of OZONE. It sets the tone of what to expect.

The main bar on the right

Guests at the main bar could have proper conversations without having to shout

The sushi bar on the left section, after the DJ Booth. I have never come across a bar with its own sushi bar till now.

Indoor section next to the alfresco area. This is for those who want to have tapas while seated at proper dining tables. The kitchen is located here and it is rare for a bar to have its own in-house kitchen. As I was just having a quick drink before dinner, I didn't want to fill myself up with tapas. I will definitely try out the tapas the next time I am back.

The outdoor bar that is like an observatory deck. Located right at the end of the bar is the VIP section with the best view. One can reserve the area for a minimum spend of HK$18,000 - $21,000 (approximately S$3,000), not too bad considering it can accommodate 10 people or so.

We got to enjoy our pre-dinner cocktails at the VIP area, thanks to the service team at OZONE. Having flexibility is what makes good service excellent. The service staff knew that we would only spend 30 minutes at the bar as we have a dinner reservation at 9pm, so they hosted us at the VIP area knowing that we will be out before the group who reserved the table arrives for drinks.

Laurent had a mojito

I had a Lychee Royale (Lychee juice with champagne)

If you are ever in Hong Kong, do check out OZONE. You won't be disappointed.

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