Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Perrier-Jouët Journey (I): Bi-Centenaire

Paris has been exciting since I arrived two days ago. As a guest of Perrier-Jouët, I am very honored to be part of its 200th Anniversary celebration. I will be writing a series to share with you the amazing Perrier-Jouët adventure. With lots to share, perhaps I should start by talking about its limited edition champagne launched for its bicentennial.

This is perhaps a worldwide exclusive as I was among the first to see the 'Bi-Centenaire', the first "Living Legacy" champagne ever created. A masterpiece of oenological, artistic and epicurean pleasure, it also showcases a work of art by the acclaimed American artist, Daniel Arsham (more on Daniel in another entry).

A unique creation in the form of twin sculptures cradling the two exceptional magnums.

Making champagne is an art and Perrier-Jouët chose one of the most promising young visual artists of his generation, American Daniel Arsham, to design an exclusive work inspired by Perrier-Jouët’s conception of nature.

Launched in limited editions of 100, every set is signed and numbered.

'Bi-Centenaire' - the twin sculptures designed to hold two magnums of Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque 1998.

In honour of its 200 year-old legacy, Perrier-Jouët launches the first champagne heirloom: “Perrier-Jouët Bi-Centenaire”. It is a legacy with two stories. The first takes place in the present: a champagne-lover treats himself to a magnum of Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque 1998. The second takes place in the future: many years later, his descendant in turn enjoys a magnum of Belle Epoque 1998 that has been passed down through the years in his inheritance.

There is a private cellar dedicated to the second magnums of Belle Epoque waiting to be claimed by their future owners (can be stored up to 100 years). Strictly aligned within a specially-dedicated area, the bottles will rest grandly at a perfect temperature and humidity. (more on my visit to the cellar in another entry)

The buyer of the work makes an appointment for their first visit, which will include a private meeting with Chef de Cave Hervé Deschamps (more on Hervé in another entry). After a personal tour of Perrier-Jouët and an immersion in its history, the owner will be invited to a tasting of Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque 1998, who will then present them with an authentic certificate of ownership & unique access to the private cellar containing the second magnum destined for their descendant.

The safe within the cellar will hold the authentic certificate of ownership and the life journal containing personal messages left for the owner of the 2nd magnum.

Why Vintage 1998? Hervé chose this vintage as it is a great year and meets all the conditions to be a truly great wine with aging potential.

Perrier-Jouët is projecting itself into the future with the incredible power of human emotion, in line with its remarkable 200 years of history and legacy. I am so moved by the philosophy that I have expressed my interest to purchase the “Perrier-Jouët Bi-Centenaire”. For me, my legacy is the marital union of my partner and I. My intention is to give my husband the privilege to enjoy a priceless experience at Maison Perrier-Jouët, like what I have experienced this week. Perhaps the 2nd magnum will be for the celebration of our 10th wedding anniversary...

All photos by Perrier-Jouët. For more information, please visit www.perrier-jouet.com

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