Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Zurich Report - Sprüngli

When I was in Zurich last week, I had to visit this Swiss confectionery institution. If you are not from Switzerland or live in Switzerland, you might not have heard of Sprüngli. However, you will most likely know Sprüngli's other brand - Lindt.

I first wrote about Sprüngli last year, about its yummy macaroon-like sweets named Luxemburgerli. Click on this link if you would like to read more:

Luxemburgli is a trademark and this word can only be used by Sprüngli. The difference between Luxemburgli and macaroon is the size, the former is smaller and more bite-size.

My favourite flavour is champagne. It is a must try! Dusted in gold powder, it looks really posh and regal.

If someone brings you a box of Sprüngli's Luxemburglis from Zurich, you should feel honored. These yummies are best consumed asap as they are made fresh daily and won't keep well for long.

This year, Sprüngli is celebrating 175 years of pure sweet indulgence. If you are in Zurich, you have to visit Sprüngli even if you don't have a sweet tooth. It is a perfect place for hot chocolate and to pick up gifts for friends.

Sprüngli then...

Sprüngli now...

I had the best hot chocolate at Sprüngli. I highly recommend all hot chocolate lovers to try a cuppa here. It is rich without being over powering, and very satisfying.

I love it so much that I bought a tin home. This is not the usual hot chocolate in powder form... it is actually very thin chocolate flakes (you can even eat it as it is) that you melt into hot milk. Made of 70% cacao, this is the real stuff!

You can also choose from the range of cakes and pastries...

These chocolates make great gifts as they are easy to pack in the luggage...

Last but not least, I can't resist taking pics of these cute marzipan creatures...

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