Sunday, March 6, 2011

Zurich Report - Hiltl Restaurant

If you are ever in Zurich, you should check out Hiltl Restaurant. Established in 1898, Hiltl is the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Europe! It may be over a century old but you will never be able to tell from its modern design and youthful team of staff.

What is interesting with this buffet concept is you get charged CHF5.50 per 100 gram of food that you put on your plate. After you made your selection from the amazing buffet spread, all you have to do is put your plate on a weighing machine and you will be issued a ticket stating the weight of the food and the cost of the content.

I think Singapore should adopt this concept to deter greedy diners from wasting their food. It is actually a good concept for small eaters like me too... as I love the variety but could never eat enough at buffets to make my money's worth.

The buffet spread here is so amazing that you would not even consider ordering from the a la carte menu. From cold starters (a wide variety of salads) to warm dishes (e.g. onion rings, fried rice, pasta, curries, stir fry), and even an all-day breakfast with muesli and fruits. By the time you are done with main meals, I bet you won't even have tummy space left for the desserts.

The All Day Breakfast Buffet Section

The Cold Buffet Section

The Hot Buffet Section

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