Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Meet Minou, The Alessi Cat

On my recent trip to Zurich, I added a new item to my Alessi collection. The only difference is that I am able to bring this new acquisition with me almost everywhere I go.

Meet Minou, the cute bag hook from Alessi, designed by Frederic Gooris. Forget about boring and fugly bag hooks, this is one sleek feline that I will be hanging my bag on.

Available in black and silver, I bought mine for CHF 26 at Globus in Zurich. I don't remember seeing it in Singapore and Hong Kong, but I am sure they can place an order if you enquire.

If you like a game of cat and mouse, there is also the "Pip" key ring to add to your collection. Cute!

Please visit www.alessi.com for more details.

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