Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Edible Art Of FiftyThree

This is not the first time that I am writing about FiftyThree (It is actually the third time!) This time round, it is a little different because I got to experience FiftyThree outside of its Armenian Street restaurant. At the Hermes Spring fashion presentation on Tuesday, the clever team decided to bring Chef Michael Han to the store at Liat Tower... to create a special edible art installation.

I have always like the creativity of Chef Michael... but this time round, he showed me what an artist he truly is. Feast your eyes out on the photos below. I wished I had taken more pics but I had to upkeep my "cool" factor and play down my excitement. It was such an "Alice in Wonderland" experience!

Crispy chicken skin and crackers pegged on threads... waiting to be eaten.

Crackers displayed alongside bits and bobs of haberdashery... gotta watch what I put in my mouth.

Was so busy admiring the edible installation art that I forgot to try this. Not sure what it was but it seemed to be some crunchy yummy stuff.

White chocolate with caviar. Love the presentation.

Chocolate lollies. For some strange reason, it reminded me of the solar system. My warped brain!

It got me craving for more of FiftyThree. I shall drop by for dinner next week then...

For more about FiftyThree, click the links below:

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