Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Bespoke Gaggenau Event

Gaggenau has up the ante when it comes to its events. Known as the purveyor of the dream kitchen for home cooks and chefs alike, it hosted a bespoke luncheon at Tippling Club earlier today to announce its exciting collaborations with Zwiesel Kristallglas, Gryphon Tea Company, and FIJI Water.

Why Tippling Club? Well, not only is Chef Ryan Clift the ambassador for Gaggenau, he also worked with Gryphon Tea Company to create a bespoke tea blend exclusively for Gaggenau. Not to mention his uber creativity also made him the natural choice for this special tea pairing luncheon.

The Black Forest Tea is not for sale and is only available exclusively at the Gaggenau Experience Center at Bishan St 21. If you are keen to sample, why not make an appointment to visit the amazing interactive kitchen and sample the bespoke tea too. :)

The menu for today centers around tea, as Gryphon Tea Company is working closely with Chef Ryan Clift.

We were treated to not one, but three amazing amuse bouche. On the white Schott Zwiesel plate is tea compressed peach with iberico ham, on the black slate is charred peppers with yuzu tea dipping sauce.

In the Jenaer Glas egg coddler is the tea smoked quail egg. Love the presentation and the smoky taste of the egg. Egg coddler is a great way to present some appetiser dishes.

Before the start of the main meal, Tian Wee from Gryphon Tea Company gave a little talk about why it is better to brew tea using FIJI water. He cited the softness of the artisanal water is what makes the tea more palatable. Indeed, I have to attest to that as the tea did taste more velvety in texture.

1st Course - Oolong cured ocean trout
Apple, fennel and tea sorbet

2nd Course - The Future of Japan's tea ceremony
Scallops, seaweed (sealed in dissolving paper) , dashi broth.

Chef Ryan Clift interprets the future of the Japanese tea ceremony with this creative dish. If you are wondering what is this beautiful looking bowl, it is the double-walled hot'n cool range from Jenaer Glas. The special design with the insulating effect keeps cold food fresh for longer, and hot food pleasantly warm – without it burning your fingers.

Check out the elegant Jenaer Glas tea cups, Schott Zwiesel and Zwiesel 1872 wine glasses. Sarah Mayo from The Local Nose also came by to share with us the importance of stemware with wines. Instead of a wine tasting, we did a glass tasting using different stemware but one type of wine. It's really amazing to find out that the same wine can taste so different in different glasses.

A Sangria-inspired cocktail to match our next course. It was also presented in a Jenaer Glas hot'n cool glass.

3rd Course - Black Russian Wagyu beef
Black bean sago and sea grass

4th Course - Earl Grey chocolate coulant

What a divine tasting mess once it was broken. I love how the milk tea worked so well with chocolate.

We ended the bespoke lunch with handmade tea infused chocolates.

What an inspiring lunch I had. Tea pairing is the next big thing and is great for those who don't take alcohol. I also took home some presentation ideas, along with the knowledge of the importance of pairing appropriate stemware and wines. Thank you Gaggenau!

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