Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Xiao Long Bao Paradise

Last night, I had dinner with my two gal pals at Paradise Dynasty at ION Orchard. Opened on 15 September 2010, Paradise Dynasty is a new casual dining concept by Paradise Group that dishes up an affordable selection of northern and southern Chinese cuisine. I was a little skeptical at first when my gal pal suggested Paradise Dynasty, as I was not impressed by its sister restaurant Taste Paradise. However, I think I might have found the best xiao long bao in Singapore.

I like the modern take on traditional Chinese decor. The restaurant offers an intimate ambience by giving you a sense of space, and not having tables placed too near one another. You know how Chinese restaurants are always noisy, but the noise level here is kept under control. Perhaps the interior designer did a great job with the sound proofing.

So, let's talk about the xiao long bao. They have 8 varieties and you have to order by half a dozen per selection. We chose foie gras and black truffles. I can safely proclaim they are the best in Singapore. Forget Ding Tai Fung or Imperial Treasure, this is much better.

Original ($6.80 / 6 pcs OR $9.80 / 10 pcs)


Ginseng ($12.80 / 6 pcs OR $19.80 / 10 pcs)

Foie Gras ($12.80 / 6 pcs OR $19.80 / 10 pcs)

Black Truffle ($12.80 / 6 pcs OR $19.80 / 10 pcs)

Cheese ($8.80 / 6 pcs OR $13.80 / 10 pcs)


Crab Roe ($12.80 / 6 pcs OR $19.80 / 10 pcs)


Garlic ($8.80 / 6 pcs OR $13.80 / 10 pcs)

Szechuan ($8.80 / 6 pcs OR $13.80 / 10 pcs)

Here are some of the other dishes we had...

Pork dumplings with chilli oil - must try!

Sichuan hot and sour soup

Yangzhou meatball soup

Sauteed French beans with minced pork

Souffle egg white balls stuffed with red bean and banana

Chilled aloe vera with osmanthus jelly
*The best guilt-free dessert!

Out of all the dishes we ordered, most were delicious except for the fried cod fish and stir-fry noodles that were a little tasteless. This restaurant will be my favourite joint for xiao long bao from now on. To avoid the long queues, go during off peak hours between 2.30-6.30pm.

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