Saturday, June 2, 2012

G.H.Mumm Blanc de Blancs

Born of a single variety and a single vineyard, G.H.Mumm Blanc de Blancs was, for a long time, set aside for friends of the house. In keeping with the etiquette of the time, it was handed over in person, accompanied by a carefully folded visiting card.

Initially served exclusively to friends and directors of the House, the G.H.Mumm Blanc de Blancs is now appreciated by the most discerning connoisseurs for its delicate effervescence and incredible purity. This cuvée champagne is an exceptional, limited-edition creation that can only be acquired in small quantities from wine merchants and in the finest restaurants.

In 1882, the house of G.H.Mumm acquired vines in Cramant, one of the finest growing areas on the Côte des Blancs where its chalky soil lends itself to the cultivation of Chardonnay grapes so fine as to make a wine from a single grape variety. G.H.Mumm Blanc de Blancs is made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes, a delicate variety cultivated on the Cramant terroir, undoubtedly one of the prettiest village in the Champagne region, in the heart of Côte des Blancs. Its micro-climate and particularly chalky soil (Cramant means "chalk mountain") are ideal for cultivating exceptionally fresh Chardonnay grapes.

The name, the old-style bottle, the label with its folded corner… All these are reminders of G.H.Mumm Blanc de Blancs’ special place in the history of the house of G.H.Mumm. The G.H.Mumm Blanc de Blancs bottle is superbly elegant, with a slender neck that enables the wine to age beautifully at a slower rate. The unusual shape also ensures the lasting freshness of aromas.

Its unique label illustrates G.H.Mumm special know-how. Indeed, tradition required that each bottle presented to friends of the House be accompanied by a visiting card that was carefully folded at the corner, to indicate that the bottle was handed over in person.

The crafting of G.H.Mumm Blanc de Blancs is unusual in that, although the wine uses grapes from a single harvest, the Cellar Master decided to preserve its fine, fresh sharpness rather than create a vintage. Its delicate effervescence is optimised by a pressure that, at 4.5 bars, is deliberately lower than that of most champagnes. Combined with a low sugar content (6g) and controlled aging process, the result is a smooth and almost creamy tasting wine.

G.H.Mumm Blanc de Blancs is perfect when served as an aperitif or to accompany fish or seafood dishes, a Carpaccio of scallops, lobster served with crispy spring vegetables, or warm oysters. It comes in an exquisite white coffret and is available from June 2012 at a recommended retail price of $200-250. For sale enquiries, please contact Pernod Ricard Singapore at 6235 5055.

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