Sunday, August 5, 2012

30 Days Of Restyle

Perth Fashion Festival (PFF) may not be well-known in Singapore yet, compared to the major fashion events in other cities, but its creativity is what makes it one to watch out for. As one of the International Fashion Ambassadors for PFF, I am keeping my eyes on the stuff they do and I would like to share with you - 30 Days of Restyle.

30 Days of Restyle is an innovative initiative to prove that fashion can be fabulous at any price! PFF has partnered with 10 local bloggers and 7 charities to show how one can restyle the wardrobe for less and support the community at the same time. Charities involved in this wonderful project include Save the Children, Anglicare, DrugARM, Good Samaritans, The Salvation Army, The Red Cross and St Vincent de Paul.

Check out the Restyle campaign featuring the bloggers and their curated styles. Bloggers involved in 30 Days of Restyle include Vintage Valley, Gin in a Teacup, Love thy Muse, Blonde Suburbia, Hug Sized, Peanut Moonbeam Knickers, Le Fanciulle, Sass & Spice and Love from Shell and, Bonnie Friday.

During the month of August, bloggers have agreed to purchase only recycled clothing and accessories from the charities involved, they will then post their daily ‘restyled’ look on their blogs showing the fashionistas of Perth where they can go to find the ultimate vintage look.

“We love the new Restyle format for this year’s festival. 30 Days of Restyle gives us a great opportunity to engage with the community, bringing affordable, fun fashion to the people and supporting seven wonderful charities at the same time,” PFF Director, Mariella Harvey-Hanrahan said. Very well said indeed! Money can't buy you style... but with style, you can buy anything at any price and still look stylish. If you can do your bit for charity at the same time, even better!

Please visit Perth Fashion Festival Facebook page to check out the daily looks of the bloggers and their vintage finds. I can't wait to go vintage shopping when I am in Perth this September for PFF shows.

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