Sunday, October 7, 2012

W Hotel Singapore - SKIRT Restaurant

Singapore finally got its very own W Hotel. I stayed away during its opening as I did not want to be sucked into the hype and fanfare. However, I decided to check out it out tonight since I am in the mood to dine out at a new restaurant.

With a craving for steaks, hubs and I decided on SKIRT, the semi fine dining restaurant at W Hotel. A friend gave the thumbs down on this restaurant last week, so I was a little apprehensive dining here. I was glad I decided to check it out as the dining experience turned out unexpectedly well.

Once I sat down, I was drawn to the amazing decor of the restaurant, especially the ceiling.

Our dining table is just next to the open concept kitchen. As a foodie, I love seeing the action in the kitchen. 

I love the cutlery and the way they were presented. I appreciate the attention to details.

Fresh warm bread served with a pesto dip. Though a tad oily on top, the bread was delish.

Seared giant king scallops, dashi and apple sauce - S$28

We were presented with two shot glasses before the main course of steaks were being served. On the right is apple bourbon, meant to be drunk before the main course as a palate cleanser. On the left is a barbecue sauce for the steaks.

 Argentinean tenderloin 250g - S$42

US rib eye 350g - S$58

 Grilled pumpkin, charred sprouts and feta cheese - S$8

Hand cut garlic fries with saffron mayonnaise - S$8

Hazelnut cream, crepes, dulce de leche - S$15

Vanilla mascarpone - S$18

The verdict? Definitely W-orth checking out. The service was good right from the start. We were kept waiting upon arrival as the hostess was nowhere in sight. However, when she did appear, she apologised with a sincere smile and showed us to our table. When one waiter overheard that our bottle of wine was too chilled, he came by with a decanter and offered to decant it for us.

Perhaps I was prepared to expect disappointment after hearing a bad review, but the quality of the ingredients and the cooking techniques totally surpassed my expectations. I could sense the pride and passion of the kitchen crew in the food that I was served, as well as feel the sincerity to please the diners by the service staff. If I have to nit pick, it would be that some of the service staff do not have a strong command of English, making the ordering process a tad difficult. Other than that, I have no complaints and will be happy to dine there again.

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