Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kyoto Diaries - Kobe Beef

The streets of Gion are also lined with several bars and noteworthy restaurants, one being Itoh Dining, a teppanyaki place where you can savour the famous Kobe beef. 

The beautiful walkway leading to the restaurant
Part of the NOBU group, Itoh Dining is located in an old traditional townhouse next to the Shirakawa river in the scenic part Gion district. 

If you are a fan of this prized Wagyu beef, Kyoto is a good place to eat it, since it is only an hour’s train ride away from Kobe and freshness is guaranteed.

The chef cooking the Kobe beef at the teppan right before our eyes. *drool*

Delish! Oiishi!

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  1. I am fan of Wagyu Beef. First time i tasted it in the cav's steakhouse.