Monday, August 1, 2011

A Great Way To See Hong Kong

I love helicopter rides. Hence, on my itinerary for this Hong Kong trip, I have booked a 15-min sightseeing flight, taking off from the Wanchai government helipad located on Hong Kong island. The beginning was as exciting as the end, the end being landing atop The Peninsula Hotel. Let's roll the way the rich and famous usually do in Hong Kong, or at least experience it for once. :)

Entrace to the Wanchai government helipad

Now let's go on a scenic ride, with me being the c0-pilot (I merely took the front seat) of this twin-engine Eurocopter AS355N Squirrel.

Here are some snapshots to share with you...

Preparing for landing...

Approaching The Peninsula... can you spot the helipad?

Landed in style after 15 minutes of heli tour around Hong Kong. To land atop this legendary hotel is a priceless experience.

Goodbye helicopter. I shall be back to take you again soon!

After landing, we were shown to the exclusive aviation-inspired China Clipper Lounge.

The lounge is plush and luxe, designed with aviation memorabilias. There's a fantastic viewing gallery overlooking Victoria Harbour, complete with headphones should you wish to hear the Air Traffic Control conversations.

I highly recommend you to give it a try if you are in Hong Kong. It may be pricey but it's a priceless experience. The ride I took today is a special ride that is not on the standard flightseeing list, but it can be requested. I would suggest landing at The Peninsula helipad to complete the luxe experience.

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