Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hong Kong Report: Madam Sixty Ate

After Wanchai has been given a facelift, it has since attracted trendy F&B spots to set up shop in the neighbourhood. When I was in Wanchai last year, I checked out Bo Innovation. This year, I was in luck as a new restaurant named 'Madam Sixty Ate' has just opened four weeks ago.

Here's the first impression. The interior design...

After the elevator door opened at the first floor of J Senses building, the first sight that greeted me was a big poster of 'Eliza the pig' (more on that later), followed by the nice and cosy bar.

We walked along a short corridor past the open kitchen, helmed by Chef Director Chris Woodyard (former culinary director at the W Hong Kong and chef-owner of Three Clicks West in Annandale, Australia) and Head Chef Andrew Braham.

We then arrived at the bright and airy dining hall. Love the interior design, modern and stylish with attention to details.

Comfy chairs and spacious table arrangements to ensure privacy and personal space are being respected. I love the bird-motif wallpaper.

Next comes the branding... with a quirky touch.

The branding is superb and I can clearly tell the designer was thinking out-of-the-box. Sleekly designed collateral aside, the name itself is creative. Why the name Madam Sixty Ate? Well, 'Madam' is a fictional character who is a well-travelled bon vivant. 'Sixty' as it's located at 60 Johnston Road. 'Ate' is a play on the number 8 as it is located at Shop 8 of J Senses building, as well as the fact that Madam likes to eat.

Fictional animals formed the core design theme in the menu and design. On the left is Joseph the duck and on the right is Eliza the pig.

The menu featured excerpts from Madam's journal.

Here's Pedro the squid. How cute is that?

Love the little logo embroidered on the napkin. Attention to details is something I appreciate and take note of.

Now, most importantly, how's the food? I am happy to report that the food is excellent!

Home made bread... nothing special, but the smokey butter is yummy and a unique departure from the typical butter.

Here's the a la carte lunch menu. Not much on offer for vegetarians but the limited options are delish. There's also a 'Madam's lunch de jour' for those who wants to opt for the set lunch.

Warm jerusalem artichoke, shaved potatoes and truffle soup - HK$85

Minestrone a la Madam: open onion lasagne with baby vegetables, littles leaves and clear tomatoes - HK$85

Steamed halibut with ragout of cauliflower, smoked bacon (we asked for no bacon) and squid ink - HK$240

Gianduja mousse, Kahlua cream, cardamom froth, with Espresso jellies and fried cinnamon donuts - HK$55

The food is modern European interpreted in a quirky way with classical techniques. Top marks for presentation and taste. I highly recommend this restaurant. You won't be disappointed. I wasn't and I will be back to dine again the next time I am back in Hong Kong.

For more information, please visit: madamsixtyate.com.hk

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