Thursday, November 24, 2011

B28 - The Coolest Underground Bar In Singapore

B28 has been the best-kept secret among whisky aficionados and cocktail connoisseurs for the past five months since its inception on 28th May 2011. Located at the lower ground level of The Club Hotel, No. 28 Ann Siang Road, its secluded address provided the inspiration for the name of the bar, which comprises the word “B” as in “basement” and the number “28”.

Those who knew of and frequented Malt Valt in the past would know Mike Soldner. Upon closing Malt Vault on 16th March 2011, at the end of its final evening of business in the basement of Screening Room; Mike went straight to work building his newest vision, an intimate bar to rival the best of them. That vision is now a reality. It is B28.

This intimate bar has a capacity for 50 pax. I love its luxe interior design and the exclusive feel. It's a real classy joint and it's a place I would feel comfortable even if I pop in alone for a drink. It's a great place for late afternoon meetings as much as it is an ideal place to chill out and unwind after a long day at work. I am rather impressed that it offers complimentary Wi-Fi access!

B28 is still a whisky bar at its core and is stocked with an initial portfolio of 100 unique single cask, single malt Scotch whiskies, as well as Mike's personal selection of some of the best official distillery releases available today. Besides its impressive portfolio of whiskies, B28 also offers exquisite wines and selected craft beers, as well as boasts an award-winning female bartender who creates delicious, classic cocktails.

Completing the B28 experience and drawing the discerning to this luxe bar is its weekly live jazz performances, featuring the city’s top jazz talents and occasional renowned guest artists. B28 is one of the few remaining venues in Singapore to offer live jazz performances by professional jazz artists from around the world. Titled “The Basement Sessions”, the weekly jazz performances presented by B28 have proven to be another of its prime attractions and are almost sold out every Friday night.

The friendly team at B28 - Deidre Pereira, Aubrey Sim, Mike Soldner. Charming Deidre manages the service at B28, while award-wining bartender Aubrey creates delish cocktails. Mike the owner is the guru of whiskies and cigars who will be happy to offer advice or teach you a thing or two if you ask him.

I love it when a bar uses quality stemware. At B28, the stemware was handpicked by the Managing Director of Zwiesel Kristallglas. He choose all the Schott Zwiesel crystal glasses specially for the bar!

When I saw this plaque, I had a smile on my face. I love it when people make it a point to dress appropriately. There is an old school charm of men dressing up as gentlemen and women as ladies.

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