Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tried & Bought - Versace For H&M

This entry is about planning what to buy from the highly coveted Versace for H&M collection. I realised what I wanted to buy based on what I saw on print was different from what I actually purchased when I tried on the outfits.

I have never been a Versace sort of girl but this collection has converted me to loving bright loud colours, sequins, studs and leather. Donatella Versace, I salute you. You have created a collection that fits well and of excellent quality. I could easily pass off the dresses as the real Versace deal!

At the pop-up store after the VIP launch event in New York, I had the chance to shop from the collection before the official launch. However, I had to be fast, precise and determined when it came to snagging the pieces I want among a piranha-like fash pack. Vicious but rewarding. I can't image the frenzy at the public launch!

So if you are queuing or planning to queue for a piece of Versace for H&M, check out my buying guide. Here's a look what I bought.

The dresses are of amazing fit. Grab them all.

The leather jacket is to die for... the studded separates too.

Other iconic and worthy pieces to buy...

I think I bought almost the entire collection. I am not surprised if I am the top shopper of the evening. Well, that's what we Singaporeans do well right? These fashion items will be something I will cherish and wear for many years to come. I wonder what is the next designer collaboration? Perhaps Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, DVF, Stella McCartney?

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