Saturday, March 24, 2012

Banyan Tree Phuket Double Pool Villa (II)

In my earlier entry about the amazing Banyan Tree Phuket Double Pool Villa, I showed you the beautiful interior and exterior of the spacious 1-bedroom villa. For this entry, I am going to talk about some of the perks and things to do at this amazing resort.

One of the perks of the Double Pool Villa (DPV) is having a traditional "coffee man" come by the villa to make you a cup of freshly brewed Thai styled coffee.

The coffee man and his mobile setup

Making coffee the traditional way with the simple tools

Coffee break with traditional Thai sweet treats. That's what I call a real coffee break!

Coffee man can also make you a cup of the famous Thai milk tea!

As a souvenir, coffee man gave us a pack of Thai tea leaves and coffee powder. How thoughtful! Notice the linen with the DPV embroidery? Little details of luxury.

Banyan Tree is famed for its spa so I don't need to talk much about it. However, a fun way to get to the spa or explore the big compound is by bicycle when you don't want to hitch a buggy ride. A perk of the DPV is to have our own bicycles at our disposal, while other non-DPV guests have to rent it from the main reception.

His and hers bike greeted us when we arrived

What a beautiful bicycle!

I decided to cycle since it's such a beautiful bike... and to think I haven't cycled for over 15 years! This is one special bike I must say.

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