Friday, March 9, 2012

Buying Guide for Mary K x Topshop

The day has come for the media launch of the Mary Katrantzou for Topshop capsule collection. Public launch will be tomorrow, 10th March 2012. Do not worry that there's nothing for the public to buy. Yours truly has checked with the good staff at Topshop about the stock situation for tomorrow. There will be pieces set aside for the public launch!

With a price range starting at S$149 for a scarf to S$809 for the most coveted satin dress in the collection, I would advise one to shop wisely. A higher price range means it will only attract serious buyers with the cash and those are the peeps who will not queue up in the wee hours of the morning to get their hands on Mary K. However, I might be wrong.

I also found out that Topshop Singapore brought in limited pieces for the Mary K collection, so the chance of you bumping into another wearing the same dress will be greatly reduced. If you are early or lucky enough to get there to shop, I hope my shopping tips will come in handy!

Multi-colour satin dress S$809
This is THE dress of the collection. I am usually a UK 10, but I fit a SMALL for this design. Great workmanship and the quality of the fabric are highly visible. The downside is that the dress is really short. I most likely would have to wear tights with this dress to protect my modesty. However, it is really a piece of art! Sitting down with this dress would be a little tricky but manageable with a bit of practice. If you are really petite and skinny, this is not the dress for you as alteration to fit would be a challenge.

Multi-colour tube satin dress S$629
This is also one of the most coveted dress in the collection. I am usually a UK 10, but even a SMALL for this design is too big for me. I had to hold on the excess fabric at the back of the bodice so I could hold up the dress for a pic. It is a little short but still pretty alright. Would just have to swim more to tone up my pins to do this dress justice. If the dress fits you 80% well, buy it and alter it to fit. It's worth it!

Multi-colour silk dress S$346
This is a beautiful silk dress that will be great in the city as well as chic at the beach resort. Made of 100% silk, do take care when wearing it to the poolside or beach. It is only meant to be dry cleaned. I am a UK 10 and a MEDIUM size fits me well. If you are skinny or slim without J-Lo type of hips, then a SMALL would be great for you. Otherwise, take a MEDIUM if you are well-endowed in the hips. I would most likely wear tights or a slip under it as it is flowy and short, and there's a high chance of indecent exposure if a gust of wind is present... or perhaps even just a raise of your hand.

If the above pieces are too expensive for your fashion investment or you can't get your hands on them at the store, here are some pieces that might be available.

Floral tee S$93
Wear it with jeans, black jeggings or shorts.

Floral leggings (price unavailable)
Wear it with over-sized shirts, tees or tanks.

Sheer blouse S$276
Wear it with jeans, jeggings, skirts or shorts.

Long printed scarf S$149
The only piece of accessory in the collection.

Cropped printed trousers S$276
Wear it with shirts, blouses, tees or tanks.

Fret not if you can't get your hands on any at the store tomorrow. I have another tip for you. If you have friends or families in the UK or US, get them to order it online for you and ship to an address in UK or US. I have just checked the sites, they do replenish the stocks intermittently, so do check back regularly. You might just be lucky.

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