Tuesday, July 31, 2012


ABSOLUT VODKA KONKOCTION is a three part limited edition series created for Singapore. ABSOLUT knows the critical role that barware plays in cocktail creation, and the KONKOCTION series will comprise the essential bar tools for budding mixologists to create cocktails with professional equipment.

Priced at $139.90 each, the first in the limited edition series is ABSOLUT VODKA KONKOCTION Shaker Kit, which is currently on sale at selected supermarkets. Launched in June, you might still be able to get a kit if you are lucky.

The second kit of this three part limited edition series is the ABSOLUT VODKA KONKOCTION Mixer Kit. It will be launched tomorrow and will be available through the month of October (while stocks last).

- Two bottles of ABSOLUT Vodka Original (750ml each)
- One ABSOLUT mixing bowl
- One ABSOLUT muddler
- One Miniature bottle of ABSOLUT Mandrin (50ml)
- Three ABSOLUT KONKOCTION MIXER KIT cocktail recipe cards

Mixologists advocate using fresh ingredients in cocktails because a drink made with fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, as opposed to bottled juices and mixers, is rich in taste and has the true flavour of the ingredients, enhancing the drinking experience.

The purpose of muddling is to extract not just the juice, but also the flavours from the skin of the fruits and herbs. Pressing and twisting the ingredients with a muddler is a good way to combine ingredients without pulverising them into little pieces

With the ABSOLUT KONKOCTION MIXER KIT, you can now make your own fresh fruit cocktails following the recipes provided.


ABSOLUT Caipiroshka

ABSOLUT Raspberry Mojito

For more cocktail information, please visit: www.absolutdrinks.com

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