Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Italian Series (Part 2) : The Hip Hotel - St George Roma

Choosing a hotel for our holidays is usually pretty straightforward, as we will almost always stay at one of the Hyatt hotels (they have a good loyalty program, not to mention they gave us an upgrade to a junior suite in Tokyo few months ago!). However, there ain't any Hyatt in Rome, or any other international name that we know of! Hence, it took weeks of research before we decided on the choice of accommodation for our Roman holiday. Finally, the hotel that we selected is also one endorsed by LUXE City Guide. *Phew*

LUXE City Guide described St. George Roma as "Svelte Spot - Swish boutique with lashings of creamy travertine, rich dark woods, cool comtemporary rooms and suites, trig vibe, bobby spa and great summer rooftop bar. Alla moda."

The hotel is located within an old five-storey building on Via Giulia. One cab driver told me that it is one of the most romantic streets in Rome. Reason? I have no idea. It seems like any other street to me. It does have several quaint antique stores though. However, I love the fact that it is one of the most central location in Rome.

I am very impressed with this boutique hotel. Top notch service, swanky decor, knowledgeable concierge! We happily tried to check in on 6th July when we were told by the reception that they do not have our reservation. It turned out that we booked it from 7th July by mistake. Our day started rather bad as we arrived from Positano via a crazy car transfer of 5 hours in which the driver lost his way. To be told that the hotel is fully booked and they do not have our reservation... I didn't know if I should cry or laugh. However, the efficient staff at the reception told us they have another room (which is converted from an apartment) at the residential building next to the hotel. It turned out to be a Junior Suite and she offered it to us at the same rate we are paying nightly for our Deluxe Room! This is what I call good service!

The Deluxe Room that was home to us for 5 days

The Junior Suite we stayed in on the first night

What I love about this hotel is also the fact that there are no hidden charges. Breakfast is provided, and so is internet. *Tip: The opening page for the web browser will prompt you to sign up for a daily rate of 12 Euro for 24 hours. All you have to do is click "Yes" but the hotel will not charge you for it. (Do confirm upon check-in, just in case they change their policy)

Breakfast is served from 7.30am to 1030am, at the restaurant with a courtyard. It is really pleasant to have breakfast at the al fresco area. The spread ain't fancy but is sufficient to get your day started.

The hotel also has a restaurant and a roof top bar. The restaurant looks empty but I am not surprised, as there are many dining spots to check out in Rome. The roof top bar opens from 7pm till midnight, and looks really nice. For some strange reason, we never made it up there for a drink. Perhaps we never made it back in time from dinner to have a drink.

The rare thing is this hotel has a spa and a pool. With all the hotels in the central location being located in older buildings, I am surprised they managed to squeeze in a pool. However, it is more of a Roman Bath than a swimming pool, as you can't really swim in it. It is simply too small to even swim a few strokes.

I definitely want to go back to Rome again... and will be staying at The St. George Roma if I do. Summer sale in Rome starts in July and it will be a good time to go. Perhaps I shall arrange a stop over to Rome en-route to Florence and Tuscany next year, and will make sure I visit the Trevi Fountain and throw in a coin this time.

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