Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Home & Decor

When I was young, one of my dreams was to be an interior designer. I love all things creative and always love to be doing artsy stuff. Home&Decor was the magazine I read regularly when I was growing up. It gave me ideas on how to redecorate my room on a shoe string budget. Similar to Ikea's tagline "You don't have to be rich to be clever". I always thought it would be so cool if my apartment or an apartment that I designed would to be featured in Home&Decor. The dream finally came true... some 20 years later. Our apartment is being featured in August 2010 issue of Home&Decor, and we co-designed it with our interior designer.

The door opens up to the tall dining table, open concept kitchen and seamless living room.

With years of retail background experience, I learnt how to marry budget with style. I was also very practical when it came to storage design. I wanted a minimal and clean look, and that meant having well-designed storage space to hide the chaos. Annie, our designer from Interarch, did a great job in interpreting our ideas into practical designs.

The trophy of the apartment. The private lift lobby that opens up to a floor-to-ceiling shoe wall. We have this plastic fantastic guard dog - Magis Puppy by Eero Aarnio. The Kartell Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck was originally meant for the walk-in closet but somehow ended up in the lift lobby as it looks good there, and serves a practical purpose.

No one really believed I could cook, as I hardly did any cooking in my previous apartment that has a small kitchen. Now I cook almost daily in this open concept kitchen. I also started baking! Cooking is an art and I am creative. I feel happy when I am cooking as I am in control of what I eat.

Another plastic fantastic house pet - RobotCat by Hiro Ando. We bought this black cat from Opera Gallery. This bouncer cat stands guard outside the walk-in closet.

For the walk-in closet, I came up with the idea of having drawers for accessories, an idea I got from retail shops. It looks good and works really well. I highly recommend this anyone who is renovating their apartment. We combined 2 bedrooms into 1 masterbed room, and an open concept bathroom makes the room spacious.

The guests room doubles up as a library and a spa room. Everyone who visited our new apartment made the same remark "OMG, this toilet is huge. Why are you not staying in this room instead?" I will always retort "I prefer a bigger closet."

And yes... I still read Home&Decor. It's been over 20 years! That's a commitment.

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