Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Italian Series (Part 6) : Dining In Positano - La Cambusa

Positano dining is primarily about seafood. Being next to the sea means bountiful supply of octopuses, clams, squids, sea urchins (they love uni too!), etc. Perfect for me as I have been cutting down on meat intake and switching to vegetarian options whenever possible.

I have practising the blood group diet for a while now. Being a type B blood group, I am supposed to avoid tomatoes, chicken, wheat and corn. That means I have to avoid pasta, tomatoes, pizzas... and that ain't easy when one is in Italy! How could I deny myself the best pasta, pizza and tomatoes?

For the first dinner in Positano, we got a recommendation from our hotel concierge for a restaurant by the beach named "La Cambusa". A popular spot with tourists and locals alike, the good sea view and food are the reasons why this resto is packed daily. We love it so much, we went there again for lunch on the day we departed.

When I said fresh seafood, I meant it. Look at the daily offerings!

What I would recommend...

Sliced raw fish 0f your choice. We picked sea bass or sea bream (I really don't remember). It was served Japanese style with pickled ginger slices, soy sauce and wasabi. The fish was really fresh and very delicious. Though it wasn't sliced the Japanese way, it didn't affect the way it tasted at all.

Buffalo mozzarella. I eat this at almost every meal. It is impossible to get a bad one when in Italy.

For some strange reasons, I didn't snap pics of the other yummy dishes. I blame it on jet lag and fatigue. However, I found some pics online that resemble the real deal I had. You must definitely order the grilled squids, octopus salad, and seafood risotto. In my opinion, I had the best seafood risotto at La Cambusa. The wine list here is also pretty good. It is rather charming to see a wine list that is completely handwritten.

I don't think I will be back in Positano anytime soon... but if I do, I will definitely dine at La Cambusa. Just so you know, the resto offers menus in English and the waiters speak decent English. They will even give you a postcard to take home the memories if you are nice :)

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