Saturday, August 7, 2010

Let's Get Kinki!

I had such a fantastic dinner at Kinki that I couldn't wait to blog about it. I was a little skeptical at first about fusion Japanese food, but it turned out to be such a perfect meal. Kinki has been opened for two months or so now and it's time for me to finally check it out. Finding the drop-off point of Customs House was a little tricky, my tip for you is to either alight at Fullerton Bay Hotel (and walk past Oyster Bar) or enter via the small road facing One Raffles Quay.

I think my party of four was given one of the best tables in the resto. We got a table by the window with excellent view of the Marina Bay Sands and the waterfront. The interior of Kinki shouts contemporary pop Japanese. Colourful artwork in manga style adorns the wall... fat sumo and kawaii girls.

Kinki also got its taste of "Miami Ink" with the floor mural designed by Chris Garver. The interior design is forward thinking and unique, and it kinda made me feel I was dining in a hip joint (such as Aqua) in Hong Kong instead.

Chris Garver at work

So, the hardware passed the "hip" test. Now, let's see if it is just a pretty face. The menu is pretty extensive when it comes to sushi and sashimi. With only text and no pictures, the menu here is a departure from most Japanese restaurants. The only pictures were the manga illustrations such as the one below.

They offer the usual suspects of traditional sushi and sashimi, but I urge you to be adventurous and try out the 'Kinki's Customs'. We were so blown away by the 'Botan Ebi & Uni Aburi Sushi' and 'Foie Gras & Scallop Sushi'. Fusion they were, but these hybrid sushis were impressive. For sashimi, we ordered swordfish and live octopus (highly recommended by the waiter). Rest assured that there's no swallowing of octopus alive with tentacles wrapping around your mouth... they come in slices. If that is the case, how would I know that it was from a live octopus? Hmm... I can only wonder as I sure don't want to see it. We also ordered the beef tataki with apple ponzu sauce.

Kinki's Customs - Fusion sushi at its best

Botan Ebi & Uni Aburi Sushi

Foie Gras & Scallop Sushi

Swordfish and live octopus sashimi

U.S. Prime Beef Tataki

For the cooked dishes, I would highly recommend the 'Kinki Style Okonomiyaki'. It is different from the traditional version that is round in shape and softer. Kinki's style is crispier and rectangular in shape. I have to say this is one of the best okonomiyaki I had. I know my okonomiyaki as I used to cook and serve this dish in a Japanese restaurant when I was 16. However, the truth only applies if you are open to new style okonomiyaki.

Kinki Style Okonomiyaki

Pomegranate Miso Black Cod

The drink list here is pretty decent. For those who love umeshu, you will be delighted by the good selection at Kinki. My personal favourite is the yuzu umeshu. What a perfect combination! We started off with glasses and decided graduate to opening a bottle since we love it so much.

Yuzu Umeshu

I am looking forward to my next Kinki session. It will be soon... very soon...

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