Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Waxing Lyrical

A friend was over at my place earlier and exclaimed, "What's that scent? Your apartment smells good". It prompted me to write this entry about candles, some of my favourite candles. When friends said they don't know what to buy for my birthday, I will say "just get me candles".

So, what is the candle I was burning earlier? It is (diptyque) RED, a special edition for the RED project. 10% of the proceeds of each Special Edition candle is donated to the Global Fund, helping provide life-saving medications to Africans with AIDS.

The captivating scent comprises Rooïbos and Vanilla. This is available at The Link Home at Paragon.

Those who know me well know that I stocked up on Jo Malone candles (and fragrances). Some of my top favourites are Grapefruit, Blue Agava & Cacao, and Pomegranate Noir.

A tip I learnt from the trainer at Jo Malone is that the grapefruit scent is great for clearing odour in a room (think smoke and food odours).

Last month, Jo Malone launched the collector's edition coloured candles with Farrow&Ball, manufacturers of traditional paint and wallpaper. These two British lifestyle brands launched the first-ever collection of coloured candles to create a scented ambience and enhance home decor. This dove blue candle is now sitting on the bookshelf in the guest room.

A few years ago, I was staying at Hotel Costes and I fell in love with a scent. I love it so much that I will always stock up on the candles when I am in Paris. With aromas of Black Musk, Bitter Orange Skin, Rum, Mahogany and Paprika, this is the signature scent of the hotel, which burns these candles in all the communal areas.

I love the shower gels by Molton Brown, especially the relaxing Yuan Zhi. I recently discovered that they have the scent in candle too! This is what I will get when I head down to Orchard Road sometime this week.

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