Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's A Kind Of Scandinavian Magic

The Magisso Cake Server is finally in Singapore! It was launched at The Link Home yesterday. I got my hands on one and can't wait to tell you all about it. At first glance, you won't be able to what it actually is, let alone guess its function. When I first saw a picture of it, I thought it was a sleek gadget that Philippe Starck designed. This sleek looking metal is actually a simple gadget that makes cutting and serving a piece of cake... a piece of cake!

This unique object works by simplifying the cutting and moving of a piece of cake in one action. By pressing down on the cake with the Magisso cake server, you can cut a perfect piece of cake. By lightly squeezing the handle, you can lift the piece of cake, then release it onto a plate. I can vouch for the good grip, as I saw it being demonstrated. No more messy service with cheap plastic knives (those that come free with cakes) or losing grip of the cut slice with traditional shovel type cake server. Now I can look chic even when serving cakes! I think it is a good tool for restaurants and cafes too.

So, it looks sleek and sounds promising... does it actually work? YES! I was convinced when I cut myself a slice of cake at The Link Home launch event. I also got to meet Juhani Siren ("Juhani" is pronounced as "you-honey" and is a name one doesn't forget), Vice President of Magisso. He told me the Magisso Cake Server is actually a winning design of a nationwide design competition in 2008. Designed by Maria Kivijärvi, a young Art & Design student from Finland, who won the contest by a public voting system. He also told me that this amazing design is a winner of the reddot design award. How cool is that? Well, no surprise as Finland is famed for minimalistic design with great functionality.

Made of mirrored high quality stainless steel, the surface allows engraving if you want to personalise it as a gift. I know I will be buying this for friends for future birthday, Christmas and house warming parties. It definitely makes an appropriate gift! I was told that it works for every kind of cake, even pies!

A quick search on the internet showed that it also comes in four different colors; Pure Black, Fresh Lime, Deep Purple and Snow White. Unfortunately, they will not be available in Singapore just yet.

In the meantime, I am very happy with my stainless steel version. Priced at an affordable S$79, it is available exclusively at The Link Home. Grab one before they sell out. Now, I just need to buy a cake!

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