Friday, August 13, 2010

The Fashion Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction is basically about channeling positive energy to manifest good things to happen. Some understand it as the method based on the award winning book and video "The Secret". I have been practicing this positive thinking mindset for as long as I can remember, to attract good things to happen in my life.

Some years ago, it became very evident in the fashion department as well. I always believe that if I want something enough, I will somehow get what I want. So far, it always worked! Let me share with you some of my significant fashion acquisitions through the fashion law of attraction. These items mean a lot to me as each has its own story to tell... but they are only the tip of the iceberg. Expect a Part 2 soon!

#1 - Chanel brooch from the Paris Moscow Collection

This beauty turns heads every time I wear it. It means a lot to me as I searched for it for months, from Singapore to Hongkong, Kuala Lumpur to London, and finally found it in Paris. I walked from Chanel boutique to boutique to enquire, before being told that there seemed to be one piece (reflected on the computer tracking system) at the Rue Cambon boutique. When I went to the Rue Cambon boutique, the sales associate who served me told me this amazing story. She said she had put it on hold for over two months for a customer who didn't turn up to collect. She didn't display the item out on the retail floor as she promised her customer, but she told herself that she will sell it to the first customer who walks in to enquire for the brooch. Guess what? I was the customer who walked in asking specifically to buy the brooch. Some things are just meant to be. This brooch is meant to be mine!

#2 - Chanel tassel earrings from the Paris Shanghai Collection

It seems that I always have to work hard to get an item from the special collection. I got this pair of tassel earrings today. The story goes... I was traveling and missed the preview of the new arrivals at Chanel Singapore. Hence, by the time I laid my eyes on this, the two pairs that they ordered were all reserved for other customers. I was traveling to Rome and I thought I might have the same luck getting them abroad. No luck this time. So yesterday, I popped by the boutique to say hi to my regular sales associate and to check out the new AW 2010 collection. I was telling him how disappointed I was not finding it in Rome. I said it would have made a good birthday present for myself. Guess what? He said he will check and when he returned from the store room, he found me a pair to purchase! How he managed to find me a pair is a mystery, but I got what I wanted yet again!

#3 - Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain military style boots

It was love at first sight when I saw these boots on Net-A-Porter. For some reason, I had a feeling that it will go on sale. So I told myself I shall wait. Five months later, my patience paid off. These boots went on 50% discount and I bought them immediately. Sometimes, shopping is like playing the stock market. If you set your sights right, you might get what you want at a lower price.

#4 - Halston Heritage dress as worn by Carrie Bradshaw in SATC 2

Procrastination was the cause of me not buying this dress before SATC2 craze hit. Once the trailer was out, the dress was sold out on Net-A-Porter. Few days ago (perhaps the stars were aligned in my favour), I managed to find one in my size on Net-A-Porter. They have quietly replenished the stocks and I chanced upon it. Within a day, the dress was sold out again. Timing is everything and I was shopping online at the right time. Can't wait to wear this dress! :)

#5 - Pamela Love talon necklace

In my earlier blog entries, I wrote about my desire for Pamela Love's jewellery in "The Edgy Alternative Bling". I couldn't purchase it from some U.S. sites for some reasons that I don't remember. A little bird must have told the good peeps at Net-A-Porter, and surprise surprise... Net-A-Porter started stocking Pamela Love! My very own Pamela Love talon necklace arrived yesterday. A very good and chic day indeed.

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  1. This is a lovely blog post :) Thanks for writing something so specific on the law of attraction. Manifesting favourite fashion pieces! <3