Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lessons From The Sartorialist (Part 2) - Summer Loving

Those who know me will know that I am a fan of "The Sartorialist". My first entry about the amazing blog was titled "Lessons From The Sartorialist". This 2nd entry comprised some of my favourite summer pics from Scott Schuman. I find these pics very inspiring, and hope you will enjoy them too. I will let the pictures do the talking...

The winning colour combination : Tan (leather bag) + navy (jacket) + army green (shorts). I have all of the above items and will be attempting this look this week.

Hitting the colour jackpot : Canary yellow dress + cobalt blue cardigan + brown shoes & belt + beige bag. I love yellow but never owned a piece of apparel in this colour till last month, when I bought a Stefanel dress in Rome. Looking at this pic makes me want to wear the dress tomorrow.

The perfect length : This is the perfect length for shorts. I find it distasteful when girls and women wear super hot pants (those you can almost see the butt cheeks) walking down the street. Save them for the beaches and pools. For a touch of urban chic, mid length shorts teamed with a shirt is great!

The perfect length again : Look! even a young girl knows the winning formula. You don't have to go short in length to look sexy. It is actually one of my unform looks, to wear a shirt with shorts.

The edge with wedges : I love wedges for summer. It gives me the height with the comfort. I look slimmer and walk taller in wedges.

The perfect suit : Need I say more? Perhaps to wear it with a nice tan.

Coral in the city : A nice shade for summer. Hope to see more of it from designers.

Military never dies : Wear your army green jacket with a feminine dress to epitomise the utility trend.

Military precision : One looks so much edgier when one clashes femininity and masculinity.

Remember that the street is our canvas, and we create art when we wear something inspiring while walking down the street. :)

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