Sunday, September 19, 2010

The G.H.Mumm Dining Experience (Part 2) - Table 66

The excitement is finally heating up, with the F1 weekend is just around the corner. Last week, I stopped by Table 66 (located at 66 Tras Street in Tanjong Pagar) to experience the G.H.Mumm Champagne (official champagne for Formula 1) pairing menu that Chef Vincent Teng created.

Chef Vincent held the position of Executive Chef at The Scarlet Hotel, before he started Table 66, a modern European restaurant in December 2009. His cooking style features the sous-vide cooking technique, French for “under vacuum”, a cooking method that involves vacuum packing ingredients then immersing them in a heated water bath for a period of time. Making use of ingredients from all over the world, he has created a menu that offers guests a lighter take on traditionally hearty European cuisine.

The four-course G.H.Mumm menu is priced at $98++ per person, will be available for lunch and dinner, from 1st to 26th September. Here's a pictorial look of the delicious meal I had. The main course is the option of sea bass or guinea fowl, and my dining companion and I ordered one each to share.

Trio Of Fresh Oysters
Served with assorted toppings of dashi infused with yuzu granita, tomato essence in shooter glass, and farmed sturgeon caviar and crème fraiche. Served with G.H.Mumm Cordon Rouge. This combo is a refreshing change from the usual ways that oysters are served.

Foie Gras
Seared foie gras, berry compote, sliced mango on sushi rice. Served with G.H.Mumm Rosé. The sweetness of the sushi rice is a good complement to the foie gras, which is traditionally served with brioche or toast.

Seabass Fillet
Served on a bed of seasonal vegetables monte in vanilla butter jus. Served with G.H.Mumm Vintage 1999. My dining companion loved the vanilla butter sauce. This was half a portion as we ordered it to be shared equally.

Sous Vide of guinea fowl
Poached and seared guinea fowl on garlic pomme puree, asparagus and compressed strawberries in aged balsamic vinaigrette. Served with G.H.Mumm Vintage 1999. This was half a portion as we ordered it to be shared equally.

Crème caramel
Earl grey tea infused crème caramel served with nut tuile. I love the earl grey flavour. As much as I like my desserts, this was a tad too sweet for me to finish.

Overall, I find that the menu provided good value for money. A 4-course meal with 3 glasses of G.H.Mumm champagne at S$98++ is an unbeatable price to sample Chef Teng's cooking, as well as G.H.Mumm's portfolio of champagnes. It is not just about Cordon Rouge (Brut), but one also gets to enjoy the Rosé and Vintage 1999. As much as I enjoyed all 3 champagnes with the pairing, my personal favourite choice is the Rosé.

Head on down to Table 66 this week if you are interested to try.

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