Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Outlet Shopping In Hong Kong

I have been to Hong Kong for countless times over the past decade, but I have not once made it to famous outlet shopping haunts. Hence, I decided to check them out last week when I had my pre-birthday celebration in Hong Kong... all in the name of fashion.

There are two main outlet shopping spots in Hong Kong and both are located in Ap Lei Chau area. My first stop was SPACE Warehouse by Prada. Located at the 2nd floor of Marina Square, it sits above a wet market in a residential area. Seriously, above a wet market! How can I be so sure? Well, I had to go to the loo halfway through my shopping, and the shop assistants told me to go through the wet market! Being very particular about sanitation standards, I almost wanted to risk bursting my bladder than go to the toilet. To my delight, it is actually dry and clean, and didn't smell at all. Miracle!

The entrance to SPACE. There are escalators and stairway. Looking promising already. I sneakily and quickly took the pics with my Blackberry Bold so I could share with you. Hence, it explains the lousy and blurry pics.

This must be the best looking outlet store. It looks like a normal Prada boutique! The merchandise are clearly displayed according to brands (Prada and Miu Miu) and genders (menswear and womenswear).

You can find some good stuff here to buy. Discounts range from 30%-70% off retail prices. They still ain't cheap but definitely more value for money. Can you imagine the mark ups if designer brands can still make profit at sales.

So what did I buy? A pair of Miu Miu shoes, couple of Prada nylon pouches, a Prada printed leather clutch bag, a men's belt, and a gift for my sister. I think it's worth a trip to SPACE if you are in Hong Kong. They have a good menswear selection, as well as bags and shoes selection for women. There's ready to wear for women but not to my liking.

Miu Miu shoes from Spring Summer 2010 I think. Very Alaia!

A leather printed clutch. Love the unique print and the useful size.

There are lots of pouches in all the colours you can imagine. I bought 3 of these. They are available at the boutiques at regular price, but you get about 30% discount at SPACE. Each costs HK$920, which is about S$160!

Next stop was to Horizon Plaza, home to Joyce Warehouse, Lane Crawford warehouse, and much more. I personally didn't find a single item to buy but you might have more luck. The outlet stores are all neat and tidy with lots and lots of rails. However, it's kinda tough for me to shop there as I have zero patience. The Armani warehouse seems promising for men, with ties and rails of suits and shirts. Shopping is not just limited to fashion, there are lots of furniture wholesalers there as well. Worth checking if you are furnishing your homes.

Taxi ride to Ap Lei Chau from Central Hong Kong is about HK$80, so it's pretty decent. From SPACE to Horizon Plaza will cost you about HK$22 as it's just 5 minutes ride away. It is too far to walk, so don't even attempt it. Save your energy for shopping instead.

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