Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas At Marks & Spencer

I popped by Marks & Spencer over the weekend to buy my favourite Viennese biscuits and was delighted to see that the Christmas goodies are in store!

Viennese Sandwich - My all time favourite and weakness. I have to finish the entire pack once I open it. Love the butter biscuit and the milk chocolate centre.

I resisted buying the Christmas cookies (not for long I know) but I couldn't resist buying the following for Butter (my Shetland Sheepdog puppy).

Dangly reindeer toy - Butter loves it. If you have a dog, you might want to buy this toy too. The dangly arms and legs have little magnets that can be stuck together to make loops.

Butter sleeping with her reindeer (I will put the reindeer between her legs when she's sleeping) when not shaking and chewing it.

I also bought a stocking for Butter's room. I shall fill it with doggy treats next month.

There's also a Santa with dangly arms and legs.

Here are some amazing cookies in beautiful tins that can be recycled once the contents have been devoured. Perfect for entertaining over the festive season or as great gifts for friends.

There are also cute decorative cookies and chocolates in paper packaging...

This iced cube cake is perfect for gifts in the office as it is inexpensive but looks exquisite. You can find this near the check out counter.

I am a sucker for these jars. The only reason I didn't buy these is because I don't eat candies. If they are filled with cookies, I will be buying them by the dozens.

These napkins are not in store yet, but I sure hope Marks & Spencer in Singapore will bring these in.

Last but not least, I can't wait to buy these toilet tissue with Christmas tree motifs. How cute is that? Down under will also be enjoying Christmas the same time for once. Hahah.

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